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Chinese medicine has a way to protect the liver

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 9:02:54 AM
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Chinese medicine believes that nourish the liver Liver, is basically to improve the physical environment, to maintain the normal regulatory function to clear in order to enhance the ability to combat the disease.


Experts mentioned is simply to reduce the burden on the liver, which is the Western view of the same, but the practice of Chinese medicine, it seems more diverse and rich, as long as the details of daily life from the start, it is possible to improve the liver condition.


A mood to be smooth


Chinese medicine that "anger is the liver injury", mood swings too large, it is easy to affect the liver. Is usually self-demanding, impatient, perfectionist person, the more prone to anxiety, unrest, which in Chinese medicine, are more easily lead to anger the physique.


"Liver is a wood, wood-hi tune up." Participation in National Taiwan University, Chinese and Western medicines to treat hepatitis merger plan, Tainan Branch, vice president of Xinhua Hospital, Tsung-lung, liver and gallbladder itself is a gastrointestinal physician, he considered that the liver can think of a tree, trees that loves freedom, unrestrained, therefore, put more emphasis on emotion regulation Yanggan, and I feel happy.


Administrative, medical and busy, in addition to study and research, Tsung-Lung personal adjustment pressures solution is riding on weekends. Prancing Horse galloping pleasure, so that he can be released and regain strength.


The success of anti-liver cancer 10 years Foundation National Policy Foundation, the National Security Group Convenor Su believes that "not angry," is very important. Six and a half to hold public office, whether by the legislature to answer questions, scolded and various pressures, Su had little sleep.


"Ah, just right." Bright personality of the Soviet Union, the one presented to us in the door, he was particularly fond of, and hung on the wall inscription Master Sheng Yen.


For him, there is no promotion or step down, but the parallel transfer from one circle to another circle, "to go to work wearing a tie and not a tie," says his work as well, gains and losses do not mind too much, it will not dance with the mood.


Second, sleep has to be sufficient


The liver stores the blood, Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen articles mentioned: "People lying on the blood attributed to the liver." Adequate sleep, the liver before they can be fully restored.


Chinese medicine point of view, 11 pm to 3 am, blood flow through the liver, gallbladder, this time should be allowed to fully rest the body, otherwise the repair function of the liver are affected, physically unable to resume, but also the ability to think will become slow.


"During this time, be considered to fall asleep," Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, GUO Zhen said that he personally must think of ways to try to go to bed before 11 o'clock, or at least will fall asleep before 12 o'clock the slightest.


Poor quality of sleep, can also cause anger rising. Therefore, experts recommend the evening, they are unfit for the work of mental wear and tear too easily affect the quality of sleep.


Multi-grade teaching, who is also the clinical treatment of liver disease experience of 20 years, Jung-Chou Chen, director admitted that he often had to go to bed at 1 am so busy, "but I will meditate for more than half an hour," continued meditation 20 years, I believe meditation can be Shen Jung-Chou Chen Dian-day troubles, so that my stop and a short time be able to sleep, and good night's sleep.


3, adequate rest would help to strengthen the liver


"I have often tired, to rest," Tsung-Lung recommendations on the liver best way is to find time to rest each day. He remembers himself as a resident, the colleagues of the liver function index had risen to more than 200, he himself is completely normal. Later, he discovered that his colleagues have started to work, will try very hard to work until 10 pm, in the middle do not eat nor rest; he himself is a usual three meals a day, about noon, nap in the evening after dinner is also a little break, even if the work to more than colleagues also late, you may want to go home 11 points, but his mental strength, or better than others.


"Our bodies are very sensitive," University Times detect hepatitis B carrier, the National Elementary School teachers and Chen, Hepatitis viruses live in peace with the past 20 years, she insisted as long as busy, tired, time adjustment, grasping a rest interval , such as noon, sleeping too, often feeling tired can be removed.


4, eating light


Spicy, stimulating food such as fried, coffee, tea, etc., is another cause of anger reason to avoid excessive consumption.


The natural flavor of green vegetables and fruit will not increase the burden of the liver, but also rich in antioxidants, to liver cell repair of much help.


Grew up in Taitung, Tsung-Lung, eating used to flavor foods such as barbecue, processed products, oil and onions, fried, so that "those who are not food flavor of the food," He was not hit. Home, a low-oil-salt, MSG without a healthy diet, in addition, Tsung-Lung bring lunch to work every day, he thinks it can reduce the food from outside the body burden.


"They have to know how to strike a balance," GUO Zhen, director mentioned that their daily diet no particular taboos, eating greasy spots today, tomorrow will be diverted to eat cold foods such as sponge gourd, cabbage, or fruit and vegetables a little more to balance the body's pH value, he thinks like a balanced diet.


As Huoqi Da was necessary medication? Experts believe that, in addition to sleeping enough, feeling relaxed, a few simple foods also contribute to Reduce Pathogenic Fire. Mung bean, Pearl Barley, asparagus, sponge gourd, watermelon, aloe vera, mussels can be heat; also be adjusted by the body of water (TCM known as Lek wet) and red beans, melon, remove the body's hot and humid conditions, GUO Zhen physician mentioned.


In addition, Chinese medicine believes that enhanced gastrointestinal function, the liver before they can get adequate nutrition. Light diet can reduce the burden of gastroenteritis, four gods of the lotus soup, Gorgon Fruit, Poria, Chinese yam, with spleen effects can be achieved conditioning gastrointestinal effects.


Holding a telephone Bian Jiangbian cooking, Patchwork teacher Li-Chen Lin with her son last year after liver cancer surgery common experiences. Laugh loud reading, she mentioned that 20 years ago, Zeng Yin hospitalized with acute hepatitis, followed by depression medication produces side effects, even at home did not dare to open the windows. After all the way to the liver cirrhosis, and she admitted it took a long time to come out.


Before she was physically very poor, "then I practice yoga, six months after surgery to restore physical soon," my mind there is always a different plan to spin, the current liver disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation, volunteers Li-Chen Lin, highly recommend to the efficacy of yoga.


Living a normal life, eating a festival, just right of the lifestyle and philosophy that is perhaps be converted to color from black and white in life opportunities.

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