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Chinese medicine Male to protect the liver of Six

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 9:14:07 AM
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TCM believes that the liver is one of the five internal organs, the Ministry of living Youxie is important and the human body's largest organ, its yin and yang in the yin yin property, also known as Jue Yin. Liver with a l-fat, hi be reached, evil, depression, physical characteristics of yin and yang used. Its main function Shuxie, the main reservoir of blood, Zhu Jin-hua claws, opens into the eyes, with the gall bladder to exterior and interior. In addition, the primary possession of the soul, the Secretary of reproductive role. Such knowledge is basically talking about Western medicine includes a series of physiological and metabolic functions of liver and part of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, blood system, digestive system or some other function.


So, specifically, how the use of traditional Chinese medicine to protect liver protect male friends do? Chinese medicine experts to provide you with six recommendations:


1, diet Liver


Diet Liver There are two major points: First, enough food for optimal nutrition to meet the physical needs of the liver; Second, pay attention to food hygiene to prevent bacteria, viruses, invade the liver.


Nutritionists tell us that the human body needs protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements in five categories such as nutrients, it is also necessary for the liver. However, the liver protein, carbohydrates and vitamin needs more, but there is caused by excess fat, the risk of fatty liver to be the appropriate limits. To this end, I suggest you run through the following details of the daily diet:


Milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, bean products and other foods, a daily meal rotation arrangements for the liver in sufficient quantities to provide high-quality protein.


Appropriate consumption of glucose, sucrose, honey, fruit juice and other easily digestible simple sugars and double carbohydrate foods in order to increase liver glycogen reserves.


Yeast is rich in B vitamins, can not be neglected.


Hawthorn contains ursolic acid, can decrease the deposition of fat in the blood vessel wall, there is a certain role in preventing or reducing atherosclerosis. As usually eat fresh hawthorn, hawthorn immerse themselves in water with a dry drink, or stew meat are added hawthorn, both seasoned, and help digestion.


Tea Qingrejiedu, digestion solution greasy; chrysanthemums Pinggan eyesight; roses Shugan Jieyu. Changyin this tea beneficial to nourish the liver.


Wolfberry nourish liver and kidney, Yanggan eyesight, or tea, or soups, or Aozhoujieke.


Eat walnut, pistachio nuts and the like in order to Shugan Qi, relieve anxiety.


Are looking yellow, or sleep well enough symptoms such as irritability person may eat a times a week animal liver, in order to receive the "liver Liver" effect.


And cut out all alcohol and spicy, and pungent foods. Avoid fried and dry hard foods.


Removal of food contamination, including vegetables, fruits pesticide residues; certain food additives, such as flour brightener, preservative; BBQ food and rotten food, such as rotten ginger, redness of the Lantern Festival, sprouting potatoes and so on. Countermeasures: to choose a light or a pesticide-contaminated vegetables without pesticides, and Multi-Wash. Eat fruits and peel. Try to eat less or eat foods containing additives, such as canned. Away from the BBQ and rotten food.


Drink boiled water. Plain boiled water to keep fresh, a day 3 to 4 times, each time a small bowl. Boiled water can increase blood circulation, enhance liver cell viability, is conducive to the exclusion of metabolic waste received hepatoprotective effect.


2, sleep Liver


During sleep in the supine human body, the liver can enjoy more of the blood irrigation, coupled with the body in a resting state, the lightest burden on the liver, so the effectiveness of high-quality sleep Liver significant. On the contrary, the poor quality of sleep, especially sleep disorders, easy to involving the liver function. Medical experts have noted that called sleep apnea syndrome sleep disorder can cause liver damage.


Syndrome refers to sleep due to the tongue and the uvula throat blocking the airway stenosis caused by a brief suspension of breathing, severe apnea can last for more than a minute and a half. Medical data show that those with severe sleep apnea about 32% of abnormal liver function, liver damage and the severity of apnea in direct proportion. Further research found that the liver damage and sleep apnea caused by hypoxia and insulin resistance.


Not difficult to understand, to improve sleep quality, the primary one is to actively treat sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea syndrome, and so on. Second, the depletion of the evening not to engage in too much mental work, but also do not stay up all night, and some good reason why the liver, often stays up late and sleep at night to blame. Chinese medicine believes that the day's most important hour of sleep there are two, one noon (11 am to 1 pm), one hour of midnight (23:00 to 1:00), which is also a bone marrow 4 hours hematopoietic time, the blood flows through the liver and most beneficial to liver function and repair. In other words, you have to take a good nap and night sleep, especially sleep at night, it is best to go to bed before 10 pm to ensure that around 11 o'clock was fast asleep, in order to prepare the restoration of liver function bedding.


3, Sports Liver


Actively engaged in physical exercise is another effective way to nourish the liver, as excessive exercise can reduce weight, prevent obesity, excess fat on the liver to eliminate hazards, but also to promote gas exchange, accelerate blood circulation, protect the liver can get more oxygen and nutrients.


From the Liver point of view, one must choose the right sports venues in order to site a broad, wide vision, better place with fresh air; 2 to choose a good training projects in order to strength and endurance exercise targeted at systemic low-intensity dynamic exercise is better , such as jogging, fast walking (about 110 per minute to 120 steps), riding a bike up and down stairs, climbing, playing badminton, shuttlecock, shoot the ball, dancing, rope skipping, swimming, tai chi and so on. 1 times a day, each time for 20 to 30 minutes, fatigue after exercise at 10 to 20 minutes away is appropriate.


In addition, the hepatoprotective setting-up exercises are also beneficial to practice --


A first step, kneading Dadun hole. Sitting cross-legged, barefoot, with his left thumb pressing right big don hole (foot big toenail lateral roots), L-press 15 times, D-pressing 15 times. Then press the left foot with the right hand Dadun Point, with the former approach.


The second step, according to Taichong Point. Sitting cross-legged, with his left thumb, press the right foot Taichong Point (feet first, second and between the toe), the gap along the suture push and slide around and do 20 times. Then press the left foot with the right hand Dadun Point, with the former approach.


The third step is kneading Sanyinjiao. Sitting cross-legged, with his left thumb pressing the right Sanyinjiao (ankle angle on the 3-inch, after the margin of the tibia), L-press 15 times, D-pressing 15 times. And then press the left-hand Sanyinjiao, manipulation op.


The fourth step, push rub Liang Lei France. Hands according to the armpit, cis-rib gap to the chest rub both hands to push contacts back, push back and forth rubbing 30 times.


4, emotional Liver

Regulate emotions and to resolve the bad feelings in mind, so that their always have a good mood, conducive to the liver's health care. If the mood swings, will enable the secretion of hormones out of balance, causing blood circulation disorder, affecting the liver's blood supply, so that liver cell death due to ischemia, which is traditional Chinese medicine called "sad spleen, anger liver damage." Chinese medicine that, in the impassioned, the most detrimental to the liver is anger, anger can lead to liver Shuxie disorders, caused by liver qi Yu Zhi, upper body over time easily lead to liver disease.


Liver emotional core of the system is to learn anger, even anger are not more than 3 minutes, try to be calm, optimistic, cheerful, carefree, so that anger is off, the normal germinal qi, smooth and long healthy.


5, active rest

Middle-aged men take the initiative to find time to rest a day, is the greatest love liver. Rest can reduce the physical exertion, reduce glycogen, protein breakdown and lactic acid production, thus reducing the burden on the liver. 10000 can not wait until the tired hands of a sense of rushing to think about leaving work, is called a passive rest, this time the body's metabolic waste - lactic acid, carbon dioxide has accumulated more, has caused liver injury. And active rest, ie before the appearance of fatigue and rest, the body of waste accumulated was small, take a break that is completely removed, the best protective effect on the liver.


Do not do workaholic, non-fatigue, especially in the liver has been ill. Untimely death two years ago the famous painter Chen Yifei is a lesson worthy of middle-aged men of high alert.


6, to prevent "natural enemy"


The liver there are many "natural enemy" devaluation hepatitis virus. In other words, a healthy liver hepatitis virus is the primary enemy, they are often expected to suffer from those who drag hepatitis - cirrhosis - liver cancer, the road to death. Scientists have now found that A, B, C, D, E, G of 6 types of hepatitis virus, particularly among the B, C, G and other models of the most dangerous. The most effective means of vaccination, such as influenza, hepatitis B vaccine. With hepatitis A, for example, vaccine use for nearly a decade, the beneficiaries close to 1 million people, resulting in this type of hepatitis infection at an annual average rate of 22% decline in the estimated 20 years after the eradication of the disease.


Followed by the drug. Survey data show that drug-induced liver injury account for about 10% of patients. In the elderly group, the incidence rate is higher. According to French reports, over the age of 50 "acute hepatitis" patients, 43% caused by the drug. Such as aspirin, sulfa, penicillin, rifampin is also commonly used not only harmful to the liver drugs. Even those seemingly safe drugs (such as nutrition, medicine, tonic, etc.) can also be a result of misuse or abuse undermines the inconvenience to the liver. So do not casual drug use, particularly oral and almost 100% handled by the liver. Even the nutritional medicine or tonic, to accept a doctor's guidance, can not be given a free hand to avoid increasing the burden on the liver.


Once again, alcohol. Alcohol is a very unusual molecule, both soluble in water, can dissolve in oil, once they enter the human body themselves, and ubiquitous to the human body almost no place where it can not go. First, the liver is unfortunate, because alcohol itself is toxic enough to harm the liver, fatty liver is the earliest sign, just a few days could be the formation of booze, and then lead to "fibrosis" and then turned into alcoholic liver disease and then the situation is even worse, and eventually to non-reversible "cirrhosis of the liver." Responses: healthy people drink as little as possible and to wine and other low alcohol content-based; has Huangan Bing should not drink.


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