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Boils Acupuncture treatment,Boils prescription

Updated: Saturday, Mar 14,2009, 9:44:15 AM
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1.  Main Manifestations
At the onset, it appears like a yellowish or purplish grain of millet, or is a blister or pustule with a hard base, associated with numbness, itching and mild pain. Then there are redness, swelling, burning sensation and intense pain usually accompanied by chills and fever. Then the presence of high fever. Irritability, dizziness, vomiting, unconsciousness, red tongne with yellow coating and rapid pulse signifies the toxicity of the boil, intoxicating the interior and it is known as "septic boil ".

2.  Prescription
SHENZHU (GV 12), LINGTAI (GV 10), HEGU (LI 4), and WEIZHONG (BL 40).

3. Treatment
Points of Governor Vessel and Large Intestine Meridians are mainly prescribed. Reducing technique or bleeding with three-edged needle is applied

4. Additional Points
Some points are supplemented in accordance with the meridians involved by the focus of the boil, e.g.
boil on the face: SHANGYANG(LI 1), and QUCHI(LI 11);
on the tip of index finger: QUCHI (LI 11) and YINGXIANG (LI 20);
on temporal region: YANGLINGQUAN(GB 34) and ZUQUAOYIN (GB 44);
on the fourth or fifth toe: YANGLINGQUAN(GB 34) and TINGHUI(GB 3);
and the red-thread boil is punctured by pricking the red line from the proximal end to the focus on the purpose to eliminate the toxic blood.

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