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tuina Precautions

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:10:51 PM
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(1) The mental and physical relaxation massage should focus on things other than by ideology, in particular, calm, tense body and do not require to do both physically and mentally relaxed.

(2) acupoints accurately grasp the point selection methods commonly used acupuncture points and operational practices, with a view to selecting points accurate, the correct way.

(3) The force should be appropriate because it is too small pleasant stimulus too easy to produce fatigue, and easy to damage the skin.

(4) step by step up to the number of massage techniques as little more than power from the light gradually increased massage, massage points can be gradually increased.

(5) sustained to either health or with the massage treatment of chronic diseases, are not one or two days on the effective, often have accumulated over time, and eventually manifest themselves for, so I
should have confidence, patience and perseverance.

In addition to the above considerations, we must also grasp the massage health, time, time to 20 minutes is appropriate. In order to enhance efficacy, prevent skin damage, in the Shi massage technique may use certain drugs for lubricants, such as talcum powder, sesame oil, massage milk and so on. If the local skin damage, ulcers, fractures, tuberculosis, cancer, bleeding is prohibited here for massage care. Self-massage, the best vest wearing shorts, operation methods as direct contact with the skin. Massage after sweating phenomenon, should pay attention to shelter from the wind, so as to avoid a cold. In addition, in hunger, fullness, alcohol or fatigue, we also do not make health-care massage.

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