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Traditional Chinese medicine analytic: how to massage strength is the most effective

Updated: Thursday, Mar 29,2012, 12:47:10 PM
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The strength of the massage technique is a certain size limit, must accord with human body soft tissue mechanics and physiological characteristics, make massage technique USES in the human body can be formed after a benign stimulation and induction, already can maximize the meridian of nerve adjust function, and can avoid generate obvious damage to human tissue. Teach you how to master the massage strength.

For example, in use foot reflection district massage treatment disease process, the treatment effect of satisfaction or not, in addition to the accurate reflection area, the size of the force is also an issue. If the foot massage dynamics is too small produce not the corresponding effect, and can rise slightly health care function, if too much effort is not accepted for patients. So in order to alleviate the suffering of patients' pain and have scored remarkable curative effect, how to grasp the dynamics, are particularly important.

Massage strength vary from person to person

Massage strength if too much force, a vicious exciting, can produce overrun inhibit signal and reduce the gimmick effect, and is caused extremely easily tissue damage. Massage technique strength weight, can vary from person to person. For example, the body is thin, the infirm can force softly. Body fat, who were strong force should be appropriately increased. Do not force is too small, without the feeling, but also shoulds not be too hard, injury and skin and internal organs. In short, massage after, if feel comfortable, relaxed, forcibly degree even appropriate.

Massage strength is usually from light to heavy

The massage dynamics is usually from light to heavy, use first gently action slowly let skin and nerve has to accept a process, and then can a little a bit more efforts, but bigger than just now, at the same time, but also pay attention to the patients of acceptance and natural reaction, isn't there a frown or of feeling unwell. If not, the third time you'll be able to increase a bit, avoid by all means does not get a very heavy. Wait until operation; rub out the parts, live, can say the strength is the best.

First massage, efforts must be appropriate

For those who first accept the massage, the strength of certain appropriate to take hold. Strength is overweight, be easy to massage the massage to feel intimidated, perhaps once, next time will not dare to accept massage. The sensitivity of different reflection is endless also and same, so, the sensitivity of the strong reflex zones, strength can not be too big, such as eyes, ears, the duodenum, the frontal sinus points; And for some sensitivity comparatively weak reflection district, appropriate to intensify, such as kidney area, adrenal area, the small intestinal area, pituitary area, ShengShiXian area reflection district, suitable for stimulus efforts by the reflection areas of pain are produced and make the illness, so that patients will soon be restored to health.

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