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Practitioners of Tuina

Updated: Monday, Sep 07,2009, 11:58:51 AM
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Practitioners of Tuina

While performing Tuina, the physician concentrates his mind, regulates his breathing, and actuates the Qi and power of his entire body towards his hands. Even when exertion of strength is needed, the physician should never hold his breath or break his concentration.

Tuina is a clinical practice based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). An expert physician of Tuina should be well versed in the knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicines, and has mastered the professional theories and skills needed for clinical diagnosis and treatment.


Techniques of the Trade

Some of the techniques used in the art of Tuina include:

Tui: Pressing and dragging
Na: Grasping
An: Pressing
Mo: Palm rubbing
Rou: Kneading
Dian: Finger pressing
Ca: Rubbing
Gun: Rolling
Zhen: Vibrating
Cuo: Twist and rub
Mo: Wiping
Tina: Lift and grasp
Anrou: Press and knead
Boyun: Forearm kneading
Ji: Beating or drumming
Pai: Patting
Dou: Shaking
Yao: Rotating
Ban: Pulling
Bashen: Extending

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