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Often massage Guanyuan point can be replenishing vitality

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:11:40 PM
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Older people easy to Yang deficiency, physical decline, leading to repeated cold, indigestion, lumbocrural pain, limbs not warm, edema, urination and a series of diseases. The elderly can every day sooner or later will be the hands overlap, to the Guanyuan hole as the center of Anrou abdominal 9 minutes; then use both hands index finger pulp overlap, click Guanyuan point 6 minutes, make the local acid bilges feeling. This method can be Qi, strong kidney.

Primary dysmenorrhea. Young women more prone to dysmenorrhea, patients supine position, hands overlap (right below), with Guan Yuanxue as the center of rubbing abdomen, clockwise or counterclockwise, all done 100 times; then hands the middle finger click Guanyuan 6 minutes; then the right hand palm of the hand from the navel straight push down the abdomen, do 50 times; finally will shuangzhang overlap on the Guanyuan, quiet lie down for 20 minutes. In addition, can rub the waist, with rub for good. This method can enhance the function of internal organs, regulate qi and blood, Yang deficiency, Yang deficiency prevention cold as a result of primary dysmenorrhea.

Premature ejaculation. Middle-aged people to easily fine customs is not solid lead to premature ejaculation, massage can alleviate the symptoms of premature ejaculation Guan yuan. Patients can sit on the bed, with the palm of the hand to the Guanyuan hole as the center of friction and lower abdomen, do 100~200 times, until the chafe far; then use both hands thumb click on both sides Sanyinjiao (Figure 2), do 100~200.

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