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Massage to remove wrinkles

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:23:30 PM
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Massage can improve and increase the skin's blood circulation, so that re-tighten the skin, delaying the generation of wrinkles. Here are a set of setting-up exercises to eliminate facial wrinkles:

1. Preparatory work: the moisturizing cream or emulsion evenly wipe the face and neck. Please please knead by hand for a minute until the resulting micro-thermal.

2. To eliminate forehead wrinkles: a hand with thumb and middle finger on both sides of the temple, touch two minutes, until you can feel the pulse. Then gently massage up and down, up, no more than hairline. This can eliminate forehead wrinkles.

3. To alleviate the cheek relaxation: two hands up in the ring finger from the mouth on the cheek gently slide until the cheekbone. Then your fingers to move between the cheekbone and upper jaw. At this time point to the two jaw joints move, until the ear lobe.

4. To enhance the lips flexibility: two hands on the mouth on the little finger, ring finger on the cheekbones, the index finger or middle finger extending toward the ears. By hand pressure for two minutes. This action can the activities of your mouth muscles, so that the muscles flexible.

5. To eliminate double chin: put your hands on the ring finger one centimeter away from the lower lip and chin pointed, the middle finger extended beyond its borders mouth, index finger, slide up until the cheek. All hand gently put pressure on for two minutes. Please do not squeeze the lips this time.

6. Slow eye wrinkle: his hands Yanmian to post-secondary ring action is very light in the eye up and down to massage, always from the inside out, continuing for two minutes. Another method is to use your fingertips gently touching the upper and lower back and forth, you can ease the eyes, wrinkles and fatigue.

7. Looked up skin: hands ring finger on the most recent part of the eyebrows away from the nose, while the middle finger on the highest point of the eyebrows, gently underground pressure in order to stimulate this point. Then tip of the nose with the middle finger fingertip friction. This action can prevent nasion and the Department of wrinkles appear on the nose.

8. The nose: the right-hand ring finger on the middle of the nasion at two eyebrows, the amount of the middle finger on the middle finger on the ring finger next to the fingertips lightly pressed with these 10 times, and then use a circular motion gently massage brow position moves from top-down, then bottom-up, a total of two minutes. This action can be the eyebrows too much paste and stretch to reduce the nasion and the Department of forehead wrinkles.

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