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Massage can also prevent colds

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 4:57:57 PM
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Winter temperatures low, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, people are very easy to catch a cold. Here are some easy methods, "according to" go cold.

1, Zusanli: knee now 3 inches, with a finger pushing, pushing 5 to 10 minutes; then friction friction 100 ~ 200 falun.

2, door: second thoracic spinous process, opening 1.5 inch, which is next to the open 2 finger. This point massage effect to colds, cough, fever, headache, chest pain and other good Xiang Qiang. Operation of this method by the family or the use of massage instrument.

3, lung Yu: third thoracic spine process, next to open 1.5 inches, that is, the next to open 2 horizontal. The acupuncture point massage for colds, cough, asthma, hematemesis, osteopyrexia, hot flashes, night sweats, congestion is better. The specific operation methods and precautions with zusanli. Operation of this method by the family or the use of massage instrument.

4, Dazhui: between the seventh cervical spinous process and the first thoracic spinous process. The acupuncture point massage on the cold, cough, malaria, asthma, epilepsy, headache, sweating and osteopyrexia strong, rash, good effect.

5: the middle of Shenque navel. The acupuncture point massage is better for colds, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal prolapse, edema, collapse effect. Specific operation method is as follows, right under the palm navel, left overlapping to right back, Shun clockwise rubbing 50 ~ 100 times; for the left hand in, counter clockwise rubbing 50 ~ 100 times, appropriate to the abdomen fever; then the two palms overlap, the palm of the hand is placed in the navel, to rub rub 30 to 50 times, lower abdomen fever is appropriate. Also can be used a fingertip or pulp to rub the umbilical eye 3 ~ 5 minutes.

6, the hole in the neck: Jianjing point to the central end of the shoulder muscle is rich in local. In three, hands thumb, food that were to take on the side of the jianjing. The thumb in the front, middle finger food, in the post, carrying 10 times, can play the wind dispersing cold effects, suitable for cold.

7, Fengchi: the point located in the cervical margin of the occipital bone, from the ear rear about two fingers wide in a depression. The thumb points live Fengchi, rubbing dozens of times with his finger force, can play the role of heat Shufeng jiebiao.

In addition, the use of heat and salt massage can also help treat a cold. Salt, ginger, scallion stalk, wormwood leaves each 20 grams mixed together, into the pot heated to 80 degrees Celsius or so, quickly put into a white cloth bags, tightly enclosed pocket. Serve hot with salt bag massage body waist and back, chest and abdomen and lower limbs. Stuffy nose, runny nose, sore symptoms appear in the cold early when using the best.

Back is the first defense barrier against the virus. Massage, can be salt bag from the top down, or from the middle to both sides of the back massage, then use the same way to massage the chest and abdomen. Then again, top-down massage double lower limbs anterior, posterior and lateral to the foot; from the same massage the inside of the double lower limbs; from the inserted to the hand, the hand to the shoulders, upper limbs, the front and the back side and the inner side and the outer side of massage, to the patient's palm sweating slightly good.

Salt can be used repeatedly, before each use, to heat, massage 1 to 2 times a day, every time 15 ~ 30 minutes, each course of 3 ~ 7 days.

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