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Massage Slimming adapted populations

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 4:35:10 PM
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1, congenital and acquired obesity, excess nutrients caused the obese children.

2, puberty obese adolescents each year.

3, post-partum resumption of physical strength due to uncontrolled selling pirated special meeting of women leading to obesity.

4, middle-aged period of less activity and endocrine disorders Erzhi obese women.

5, menopause occurs as part of the endocrine system leading to physiological changes in obese women.

6, long-term heavy drinking and a "beer belly" means.

7, body weight tended to be normal and those who shape is not symmetrical.

8, has used a variety of weight loss methods were ineffective.

9, the body has some complications, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood lipids, fatty liver, gallstones, cholecystitis, neck back pain, constipation, chronic stomach and others.

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