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Learning self to do massage

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 28,2009, 12:30:50 PM
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City people who work intensely and pressure, insomnia, lumbago, cervical disease and other diseases increasing, threatening people's health. How to Qu solution? May wish to start from a familiar point his own --

Massage, also known as massage, is a traditional Chinese medicine external treatment, its long history and significant effect, with brain eyesight, Kuanxiong gas, Pinggan benefits heart, spleen and gas, kidney Zhuang waist, Shun intestinal catharsis, Tiaojing Nuangong , Qi blood circulation, Shujin raising muscle, smooth swelling and other benefits for the joints and Sanyu
Use. However, there are non-indications for massage, so be selective treatment.

Self-massage, refers to himself through their own hands, using push, take, Moldova, press, knead, hammers and other simple techniques in their own specific parts of the body surface acupoints to massage in order to achieve health care, health and treatment of diseases purposes. Self-massage can ease some symptoms, but if it is more serious illnesses who need medical care treatment.

Self-massage according to their own specific circumstances, accurate and a good selection of acupoints and location, serious operation, gradual and sustained manner, will be able to achieve the desired results.

In self-massage, require thinking focused, calm, and the line of ideas readily achieve the "meaning", "qi", "OK," a combination. The following introduces some of the common diseases, simple method of self-massage.


Asthenopia mostly the result of inappropriate use of vision, as long as the objects at close range, or in the case of dim light to read, causing eye fatigue, eye ciliary muscle spasm and congestion. The corresponding parts of massage, can lift the ocular fatigue.

Specific methods: (1) iron eyes, with the friction between the pairs of hands to the heat, then placed in the eye, repeat 10 to 20 times. (2) Anrou save bamboo, eye-ming, four white points each 1 minute. (3) the scaling of the orbit, the thumb press on both sides of the temple, the remaining four fingers QU Cheng-bow, to the index finger knuckle in the second side from the inside out, beginning with the first blow after the next round eyes, Suanzhang suitable.


Headache can be found in a variety of acute and chronic disease process occurs because the more complex. Massage for migraines, nervous headaches, high blood pressure and headache have better results.

Specific methods: (1) points to push his forehead, in order to eat, the ring finger means the face, from the eyebrows to the forehead and both sides of the wipe, 30 times or so. (2) Anrou Yin-Tang, the sun, BAIHUI, the wind pool, Hoku 1 minute each. (3) hands and fingers slightly curved, with fingers side from the previous hair combed to the back of the head 30 times. (4) The hands and fingers started knocking hits to the head 20 times, forced moderate.


Pairs of organic disease caused by aggressive treatment of insomnia should be the primary disease; pairs of non-organic insomnia, early adopters of self-massage to adjust, with soothe the nerves of Ning Zhi Gong will help to restore the disease.

Specific methods: (1) supine in bed, points to push his forehead. (2) Anrou sun Baihui, the wind pool, sleep. (3) Moroccan belly, use the palm or the palm thenar massage Weiwanxiashu the root of the Department in order to comfort the degrees, about 5 minutes. (4) Anrou Zusanli Sanyinjiao. (5) with the left (right) side of the palm hypothenar rub right (left) foot Yongquan palm, rub to the heat. (6) as deep breathing exercise 20 to 30 times, the body relax.


Common symptoms of high blood pressure dizziness, headache, stretching, tinnitus, palpitations, chest tightness, etc., pain relief can be achieved through manipulation, clear eye-catching role in the brain.

Specific methods: (1) points to push the forehead, Anrou Yin-Tang, the sun, the wind pool. (2) wipe the bridge arch, respectively, with the palm thenar region in the contralateral neck, the sternocleidomastoid muscle strips from top to bottom wiping action, action, gently, about 20 times. (3) Mount belly. (4) Anrou Zusanli Sanyinjiao, Yongquan. (5) Anrou qu pool, Hegu.


Stomach pain, abdominal Weiwanxiashu is more frequent at the Department of Near Xin Wo pain syndrome-based disease. Self-massage for chronic gastritis, ptosis of the stomach and so on.

Specific methods: (1) Mount belly. (2) rub threatened to close both sides of the flank pairs of hands for rub between before and after the move, as the degree of fever. (3) Anrou Pishu, stomach Yu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, internal customs, foreign customs, Hegu.

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis usually manifested neck, shoulder muscle aches, stiff, upper limb numbness. Catch cold, or after exertion can aggravate the symptoms, self-massage treatment of cervical disease has a certain effect.

Specific methods: (1) Anrou cervical spine on both sides, thumb-plucked-string cord-like induration. (2) take (similar to kneading) the wind pool, shoulders well, Qu pool, Hegu. (3) neck exercise law: to do all around flexion and rotation movement, ranging from a small increase, over-bogey.


Common diseases are caused by low back pain: lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar fasciitis and so on, more common in manual workers and pour over workers that often appears as back pain, fatigue, activity detrimental. Massage with Shujin Tongluo, promoting blood circulation analgesic effect.

Specific methods: (1) rub Yao Yan, two-handed fist with the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint, tight by Yao Yan, a rotary force Anrou, Suanzhang suitable. (2) alternating thump lumbar region 20 times. (3) rub lumbosacral, two palms by the root tight waist, rubbing up and down forcefully move, move fast, dynamic, and heat up. (4) Anrou Venezuela, bearing mountain. (5) with the waist, bend forward extension, left lateral flexion and rotation exercises.


Dysmenorrhea refers to menstrual cramps or lower abdominal pain before and after passing through mainly a disease more common in young women. Massage with warm through the Qu-han, qi Sanyu pain effect.

Specific methods: (1) self-massage the week before menstruation should be carried out, good, Mount belly. (2) Anrou qi hai, Guan Yuan. (3) rubbing Shaofu (ie, lower abdomen). (4) rub lumbosacral. (5) Anrou Zusanli Sanyinjiao, Hegu.

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