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Insomnia Chinese massage therapy

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 5:10:39 PM
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Insomnia is a common disease of the elderly, generally manifested as difficulties in falling asleep, easy to wake up, wake up and then could not sleep, and in severe up at night. Relevant data show that there are more than 45% of the elderly have different degrees of insomnia. If insomnia is often more recourse to a doctor, oral pills, over time, easily lead to drug dependence. Are presented four kinds of non-pharmacological self-treatment for the selection:

1, supine Roufu

Every night before going to sleep, supine in bed, intended to keep pubic region (navel), first with his right hand clockwise around the navel a little harder Roufu while rubbing while silently counting, rub count of 120 times; pulls the same with the left hand counter-clockwise around the umbilical rub 120. The author has insisted over 20 years, right into the deep sleep Shangban Ye have a good effect. If no longer sleep after midnight, according to the above method of Roufu 60 times, also have a certain effect on sleep.

As can Roufu gastrointestinal motility, especially in age people, we weaken digestion, gastrointestinal gases will be multiplied, often inflated to get inflation Inflation in the large intestine. Once Roufu large intestine were stimulated to put the gas out of the emergence fart, easy to sleep at; if Roufu, Pifang not come out, expansion of the large intestine and affect sleep.

2, step beans Massage

With mung bean 500 grams, and placing fire sizzling wok in Chinese, into the basin in the same time, washed the feet dry, by Yuwen mung bean pot, with both feet trample tread mung beans, side stepped edge rub. A day beginning 1 hour before going to bed trample step, every 30 minutes.

3, beat Yongquan Point

Feet before going to bed every night, after sitting in bed, before tapping his left foot with the right palm Yongquan 120 times, and then left palm tapping his right foot Yongquan 120 times, each time feeling a slight pain intensity are suitable. Can be rid of insomnia, sleep safely.

4, lying qigong method

Take the right side of lying, pillows moderate, body relaxed, eyes closed, tongue on top of the palate, mind concentration pubic region. Inhale slowly from the nose, so that the whole abdominal swelling, and then slowly exhaled from the nose to the whole abdominal contraction. Continuous adhere to two weeks, the general insomnia Ji Yu.


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