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Daily massage and acupuncture point can relieve eye fatigue

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 05,2014, 3:10:03 PM
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For now working owners, often headache , insomnia, eye fatigue and so some of the symptoms , but these symptoms are due to another job factors , bad habits , etc. resulting from , so for this we should seek some of the simple and effective way to relieve these symptoms , Chinese medicine experts recommend three star points for you to help you solve these troubles, according to press when no disease can be physical health , practices, or simply use the time to rest before getting up early to bed can press the press.

Wind pool

Effective symptoms: colds, insomnia, stiff neck pain , stroke , headache , dizziness, refreshing eyesight , back pain, eye fatigue, hangover , stiff neck , menstrual pain .

Importance: the treatment of cold wind evil effects acupuncture points are common points during treatment neck pain . Find points : at the rear of the head , looking to the ear , touch bones prominent place, go down near the bottom of the depression hairline . By law: the thumb with both hands against the two sides were acupuncture points , pushing down 4-5 times .


Effective symptoms: dizziness , headache, eye fatigue, nasal congestion, neuralgia . Importance : in the head, hand, foot and three yang , Du and foot Jue Yin many meridians intersect, so called Zoho is one of the important points , can cure all diseases . Find points : In the middle of the head , at the intersection of the center line connecting the right and left ears and eyebrows line , pressing will dull feeling. By law: the middle finger pressing Baihui , every 3 to 5 seconds , repeatedly pressing 4 to 5 times.

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