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According to Zusanli anti-aging alleviate dysmenorrhea

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:09:24 PM
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At the point is the representative points of the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming, longevity point is also one of the most important.

Zusanli in crus, when the legs bent, can be seen in the knee has a higher than the skin of small bones, which is outside the knee eye, from outside the eye of the knee straight four transverse finger is Zusanli. Health effects of Zusanli is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

The old man to delay aging. The stomach meridian acupoints (Zusanli is the body meridians rendezvous point streamer), systemic blood or yang deficiency caused by the disease can be adjusted by beating zusanli. The specific method is: use the thumb or finger pressing, 5~10 minutes each time, feel the pinprick acid bilges, fever. Persevere, can prevent the fitness, anti sickness.

Women to alleviate dysmenorrhea. Massage method is to use the thumb abdomen forcibly knead Zusanli point, to feel acid bilges advisable; Gong Han moxa stick moxibustion dysmenorrhea can be used. This method has the replenishing qi and blood, regulating menstruation, warm house analgesic effect.

Male according to alleviate gastralgia. Work pressure often leads to frequent stomach. To take seat, the operator station in patients on the left, click Zusanli, then the thumb tip and the points at a 45 degree angle to the top of the skin massage, increasing pressure from light to heavy, and continue to massage 2~3 minutes, can relieve the majority of stomach.

Children can concentrate. Research shows that some children can not concentrate, bad temper, is because of trace elements (zinc, calcium) lack or excessive lead, lead elements. Then by stimulating Zusanli to invigorate the spleen, the spleen and stomach helps to regulate the levels of trace elements, correct inattention, hyperactivity and other phenomena. Massage 3~5 minutes of time, the intensity is not too large.

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