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Drink chrysanthemum tea not sugar

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:50:37 PM
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Autumn air is dry, and many people like to drink chrysanthemum tea and add rock sugar. However, experts advise, not everyone is suited to this drinking laws.

Chinese medicine experts, those with allergies who like to drink chrysanthemum tea, you should drink 12 to try, if the problem can not drink again, but should not be too much to drink. In addition, chrysanthemums of cool, physically weak, spleen deficiency, Wei Han and those who do not drink easy to diarrhea. Under normal circumstances, chrysanthemum tea, best confused and at a Mu Chi swelling, pain, sore throat, liver-fire crowd-wang, as well as high blood pressure to drink.

Drink chrysanthemum tea, people tend to also like to add rock sugar to enhance the taste not fresh. Experts believe that, chrysanthemum tea with rock sugar is possible, but for people with diabetes or high blood sugar had better do not add sugar. In addition, there are a number of spleen, stomach empty of people we should not add sugar because it had sweet tea party lead to such population viscosity or mouth sour, saliva and more discomfort. So, do not know their own constitution to drink chrysanthemum tea or other add rock sugar to be good.


Many different types of chrysanthemums, but not the doorway of the people will choose flowers, white chrysanthemums and the big duo. In fact, small, ugly and yellowed color of chrysanthemums on the contrary, the election.

So, pay attention to it whether or chrysanthemum tea brewing? Experts suggest that you can brew directly to hot water. Add a little honey when brewing, taste better. However, wild chrysanthemum Bitter is best not to drink.


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