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Qigong Beauty on Face and Skin

Updated: Monday, Mar 18,2013, 10:15:49 AM
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1. Children face power

    Method:Sit down naturally,focus on your mind,eliminate personal considerations,put your palms on knees,make the upper part of the body straight, close your eyes,make the tongue lick on the palate,do omphaloskepsis,and breathe to thin, smooth, deep and long. Do like this for 18 times.

   Function: Make your qi and blood exuberant and make you hale and hearty so that you look like having a children’s face.

2. Walking exercise

     Method: Relax yourself before walking, move limbs properly and adjust breath to calm, and then walk. When walking, you should walk slowly and shouldn’t hurry as well as thinking to much. Every step should be easy and relaxed like walking in a park. So the qi and blood can transfer to peace. You should do like this step by step depending on yourself. The way you walking can be pure and simple, and you also can combine with enjoying the sight of flowers and landscape.

Function: Make your qi and blood go through normally and freely.

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