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Updated: Monday, Mar 30,2009, 10:27:28 AM
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TRADITIONAL USAGES AND FUNCTIONS: Dispersing exterior evil, expelling coldness, warming lung and removing fluid-retention.

Ma Huang is pungent and warm. It can disperse exterior evil, induce sweat, regulate lung qi, stop cough and asthma, improve urination and remove fluid-retention.
It is king herb.

Gui Zhi is pungent and warm. It can induce sweat and expel wind-cold from muscle layer, so can help Ma Huang disperse exterior evil. Meanwhile, Gui Zhi can warm kidney Yang qi to remove fluid-retention. It is minister herb.
Gan Jiang warms the coldness in lung and spleen; Ban Xia descends stomach qi, relieves retching, transforms phlegm and removes fluid-retention. Xi Xin and Wu Wei Zi descend lung qi, stop cough and asthma. Bai Shao and Gan Cao can nourish Nutritive, astringe Yin and relieve asthma. These six herbs are assisting herbs.
This formula combines dispersing and astringing methods together. Bai Shao, Wu Wei Zi and Gan Cao are astringing herbs, can prevent dispersing herbs Ma Huang, Gui Zhi, Xi Xin and Sheng Jiang damage lung qi. Ma Huang and Gui Zhi can remove fluid-retention from upper Jiao lung; meanwhile Ban Xia and Sheng Jiang can remove fluid-retention from middle Jiao spleen. In another word, this formula treats upper and middle Jiao, lung and spleen together.

Patient has constitution with coldness and fluid retention, and been invaded by exterior wind-cold. Lung loses the function of dispersing and descending qi.
The symptoms include chills, fever, no sweat; cough, asthma with a lot thin white sputum; edema on head and face, body pain; chest fullness, short of breath; abnormal dispersing and descending qi, urination; retching; no thirsty or thirsty without desire to drink. The tongue coat is white and moist, and the pulse is floating and tight.
1, Cough and asthma with a lot thin white sputum: cold fluid retention affects the function of lung.
2, Chills, fever and no sweat: exterior wind-cold obstructs body surface and blocks the pores.
3, Edema on head and face, body pain: Lung loses the function of dispersing and descending qi. Meanwhile Spleen cannot transport and transform normally. So the water fluid remains on the skin of head and face.
4, Chest fullness and short of breath: If water fluid remains in chest, it will block chest qi circulation.
5, Abnormal urination: If water fluid remains in the lower Jiao, will affect the urination.
6, Retching: If water fluid remains in stomach, will affect the function of stomach.
7, Not thirsty: Jin (body fluid) has not been damaged yet. 
8, Thirsty but do not want to drink: Pathological cold-fluid remains in the body, qi cannot produce Jin (body fluid) to moist mouth, thus patient feels thirsty. But original Jin (body fluid) has not been damaged, so patient does not want to drink.
9, White moist tongue coat means cold fluid. Floating pulse means exterior evil; while tight means interior fluid retention.

1, Main symptoms are chills, fever, cough, asthma with a lot thin white sputum. The tongue coat is white and moist.
2, This formula is not only for treating exterior syndrome. It can treat many diseases as long as the diagnosis is the dispersing and descending functions of lung abnormal, while cold fluid-retention in lung and spleen.

This formula can induce sweat, reduce fever, relieve dyspnoea and cough, remove phlegm, promote urination, relieve allergic reaction and promote blood circulation.
It can be modified to treat common cold, influenza, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

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