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Women more tea helps to lose weight but also to enhance the anti-cancer immunity

Updated: Thursday, Mar 06,2014, 2:33:54 PM
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Tea is rich in antioxidants that help fight cell damage , can help women reduce the risk of infections and certain cancers ; tea also helps refreshing, and is a simple and effective means of weight loss for women the benefits of not really say to do .

Ginger tea helps suppress hunger

A study published in the " metabolism" research journals show that eating pungent odor when drinking ginger tea , after a couple of hours to help curb your hunger, which may be due in spicy ginger , can you create a feeling of warmth in the body , thereby reducing appetite.

St. Luke's Hospital and researchers at Columbia University , along with breakfast with a cup of tea to the subject , and some ginger powder dissolved , others do not. 3 hours later, those who drank ginger tea , and do not feel hungry, it is estimated that they will more than those who did not drink ginger tea eat less 15%.

Hibiscus tea enhance immunity

8-ounce glass ( about 226.8 ml ) of hibiscus tea, almost 60% of the human body to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C . As we all know , vitamin C helps to strengthen immunity , antioxidant , can help you improve your immunity.

More importantly, for women, more vitamin C helps the body produce collagen , can keep the skin soft and shiny, make you more radiant.

Chamomile soothes emotions

Chamomile tea can help you relax and promote sleep, but also help to release negative emotions inspired. Chamomile contains flavonoids (flavonoid), people have a good mood can improve dopamine and serotonin .

A new study at the University of Pennsylvania showed that depressed patients taking chamomile extract capsules after eight weeks , sadness , guilt and other symptoms reduced by 20% -30 %.

Green tea burn fat weight loss

Green tea weight loss, weight loss function , I believe that every woman should know that green tea contains polyphenols (EGCG), allows the consumption of high-fat foods slow down weight gain of 45% . University of Pennsylvania study confirmed that polyphenols can inhibit the absorption of fat , promote the body 's metabolism.

Of course , another major efficacy of green tea has been proven , nor should it be forgotten , that is - cancer.

Let gastrointestinal mint tea cozy

A study published in the " American Family Physician " magazine showed that extracts from mint leaves peppermint oil can help relieve bloating, stomach discomfort and cramps, improve irritable bowel syndrome.

Peppermint oil can help relax the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract , relieve stress , and a sense of fullness gastrointestinal department , gastrointestinal discomfort can feel the first time , drinking 1-2 cups of mint tea, yo.

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