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Drink water science and health care

Updated: Sunday, Dec 20,2009, 5:13:47 PM
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Any person should drink plenty of water, but water is only in recent years as a health drink only concept. Many countries have also established research institutions, water features, I have many years of involvement in function of water resetcmwell.com

Any person should drink plenty of water, but water is only in recent years as a health drink only concept. Many countries have also established research institutions, water features, I have many years of involvement in function of water rese...

Any person should drink plenty of water, but water is only in recent years as a health drink only concept. Many countries have also established research institutions, water features, I have many years of involvement in function of water research, to participate in international academic exchanges in this field, in this introduction the situation.

According to the U.S. survey, tap water contaminants found in more than 2,000 species, 190 kinds of which is to achieve a certain concentration would be harmful substances. From the water treatment technology research, it was discovered that water, but also so that the water has become conducive to the prevention of certain diseases, maintain a healthy function, it can also affect the state's immunization, health and life expectancy.

70% of the human body is water, from the micro-speaking parts of the body in a few micron range, while the law of complex chemical reactions, water plays a key role. Water makes the body's biochemical reactions can reproduce small units to maintain a physiological reaction selectivity. Recent studies have shown that bio-body enzymes, nucleic acids and other activities, biofilm function, not only with the surrounding water into the area, but also with the surrounding water, the state has a lot to. Function of water research in Japan in 2002 will feature a clear definition of water, namely: "The science dealing with the reproducibility obtained and have a useful function in aqueous solution, its processing methods and the scientific basis of physiological function can be unequivocally established, known as the Functional Water. "

Meet the above definition, universal access to water research scientists recognized that the power of functional water. Electro-functional water, also known as electrolysis of water, refers to the electrolyte containing traces of water, after a certain form of electrolysis to handle any health functions that have established water. Electro-functional water can be divided into strong and weak solution of water electrolysis of water. Also according to each type of electrolysis of water of different pH values are divided into acidic electrolyzed water and alkaline electrolytic water. pH10 above the water, said alkali electrolysis of water, pH3 below the water known as the strong acidic electrolyzed water, pH, this is a weak solution of water between. Drinking or eating as a function of the electric Health refers to weak alkaline water electrolysis of water. Weak solution of water is alkaline water electrolysis of water through the water traps of the whole role of the weak electrolysis and beauty that can be used for drinking water. Japan's Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) in 1965, "medicine No. 763 issued number" had been approved for alkaline water electrolysis device that generates a whole - the whole water alkaline water electrolysis device for "medical material generator" in the "home health care appliances, "and official recognition of their produce alkaline electrolytic water on the" chronic dysentery, indigestion, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation period, gastric acid is effective. " Japan in the early 90s of the last century have once again set up a "whole of water alkaline water electrolysis device review committee" to alkaline water electrolysis performance of the functions of inspection results verified the safety re-evaluation and review of double-blind trial. Ministry of Health in 1994, the safety of its re-confirmed in 1997 the validity of its gastrointestinal re-confirmed in March 1999 after extensive review of double-blind trial, the Japanese Ministry of Health once again confirmed that alkaline electrolysis of water: The abnormal bowel movement (chronic dysentery , constipation), indigestion, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, hyperacidity is curative. In accordance with Japanese standards of the enterprises concerned, alkaline water electrolysis device available to the entire water features and functionality of the water table indicators.

Since the weakly alkaline electrolytic water, electricity, etc. The basic function of functional water has been scientifically established, and more on the health functions have been gradually recognized. Many hospitals, including my own clinical experience also shows that there are many more alkaline electrolytic water is more exciting health care function. Mainly on diabetes, liver cirrhosis, high blood lipids, cardiovascular disease, constipation, etc. effective. Many scholars have attributed the mechanism of these functions for the following reasoning: the weak alkaline electrolytic water oxidation-reduction potential is low, you can clear the body of free radicals and reactive oxygen species; water rich in hydrogen ion reactions with reactive oxygen species, inhibit lipid peroxidation; also have people think that alkaline electrolytic water molecules heterozygosity association is small, is conducive to nutrient absorption and infiltration, but this had not been adequate empirical evidence. Clearly, the conclusions on the mechanism should also do a lot of careful research. With regard to other health care function, there are still many new discoveries. Over the past 10 years, the water on the electrical function of the health functions of health research results ever. Japanese doctors have been writing his MD Lin Xiuguang alkaline electrolytic water on the clinical effects: diabetes, blood sugar can reduce the value; can cure foot due to gangrene caused by diabetes; the prevention and improvement of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer; reduce ventilation in patients with uric acid ; to improve liver function; to improve high blood pressure, low blood pressure and the fear of cold physique; to improve atopic dermatitis, asthma, etc.; to improve high blood lipids, high cholesterol; improve arthritis, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation; to improve mental suffering from disease, menopausal syndrome and so on. 2003 Kyoto University Graduate School of Medical Research Branch, Takahashi and other tests using cultured human cells found in alkaline water, hygiene which can promote cancer cell death; Japan Gifu University, Food Science Teaching Hayakawa Kyoshi so that long-term consumption of alkaline of functional water can reduce the test mouse plasma lipid peroxide; Kobe Pharmaceutical University, Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacy of Hirai Green commented on the power of functional water for drinking population surveys, the disease control effect affirmed the majority of drinkers . Kyushu University System of Life Sciences Research Office of Ishikawa days-yang, was found through the power of functional water may have to prevent brain diseases and the prevention of brain aging effect. In the future are expected to be more gratifying results and application prospects.

In 2005, China Ministry of Health and Health Association sent for the first time took part in the Fourth Academic Conference of Japan Functional Water. Kyoto Medical Report: once again confirmed that drinking alkaline water electrolysis of water and hydrogen inhibition effect of traumatic gastric ulcer, and gastric epithelial genes in the analysis to the analytical point of view. Saitama Medical report: drinking alkaline water electrolysis to promote aging rat model of osteoporosis there are inhibitory effect. Gifu University, report: drinking alkaline electrolytic water on plasma lipid peroxidation inhibitory effect. Kyushu University report: reactive oxygen species from the risk of diabetes and related treatment of diabetes and effective anti-oxidants on the idea of starting on the 365 (average 75.1 years) Ⅰ type, Ⅱ diabetic patients on the 6th of drinking water tests and found that alkaline water electrolysis for diabetes an improvement in results ... ...

Of course, the power of functional water study most attention was also strong acidic electrolyzed water, though not suitable for drinking, but has a strong sterilization function, but without any side effects. Many scholars, including this writer, the world is opening up its application in agriculture research, the present results found that, as a pollution-free pesticides, it has a very important application value.

In short, water features and drinking water, health care research in China began soon, businesses and consumers the real science of drinking water and drinking water, health-care knowledge about not much. In order to make healthy drinking water market, Daisaku strong, universal scientific knowledge on the importance of drinking water, of great significance.

Drink water science and health care

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