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Chuanxiong can promotes blood flow and qi, removes pathogenic wind

Updated: Friday, Sep 03,2010, 3:32:18 PM
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Features: No toxicity, no chemical ingredients, natural, extracted from herbs, efficiency ten times than raw herbs.

It promotes blood flow and qi, removes pathogenic wind, relieves pains. Nurtures brain Helps remembrance Reduces stress migraine head dache ses circulation, relieves pains Reduces any aches from arthritis to nerve disorders

For Light-headedness, rheumatism, chest pain, swelling pain, amenorrhea, algomenorrhea, irregular menses, convulsion, post partum stomcahe

Main ingredient : Chuan Xiong

Directions : Put the tea into boiling water (120ml), and then drink. One bag each time, twice a day, 10 days for one treatment.

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