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Teach you how to treat a cold traditional Chinese medicine cupping

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 18,2014, 3:41:46 PM
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Cupping has many varieties, such as tank, pottery etc.. The rich bamboo place use bamboo jar, modern use glass jars, and the life of some commonly used products such as cans, glass can temporarily borrow. The following is to learn how to use cupping law cold:

Cupping method

And the operation of the cupping method is an important aspect of the treatment.

Method: in places where conditions are available for a small group of tampon forceps clips, 95% dipped in alcohol (but not too much to moist degree) holding the pot body left, the tank opening toward the lower right direction, then put the tampon burning into the tank burning L-2 seconds out quickly left the tank, emergency sent to the point. Pay attention to in the process to acupuncture points, do not put the jar mouth alignment points, in order to avoid the air into the tank, but with the bottom of the tank to close toward acupoint, skin contact, homeopathic quickly tank mouth torsion buckle to points, so as to hold.

Method two: relatively easy to use, is to take 10 grams of flour, water mix to form a dough, knead into a circular Griddle Cake than the tank mouth large, stick to the skin, and then, with a mass is burning strong paper quickly thrown into the pot, put the pot cover on the pastry immediately, so more attractive, for the first make the users, this prevents inadvertently burned skin.

Cupping and acupoint selection

The cold is an exogenous diseases exogenous pathogenic wind invasion of the human body, so should choose dispelling wind evil solution table card points, common cupping site is selected three points, one is the Dazhui point, the other two were lung Yu, Fengmen acupoint selection, every day two, three alternate selection of acupoints.

The cupping time

The cupping time is also very important, big strong suction cupping, every time you can dial 5-10 minutes, canister suction relatively weak, every time you can pull 10-15 minutes, sooner or later each time, adhere to 3-5 days.

The matters needing attention

Cupping process, such as feel dizziness, palpitations, pulse is weak, shall promptly remove the big pot, drink some water in general can alleviate. The initial use of children, frail and vulnerable to accidents reaction of patients, appropriate chooses canister. The cupping time cannot too long, lest cause pneumothorax. Cupping after local some redness and itching, do not scratch, after several hours after can be dissipated, if vesicles appear tank after disinfection with needle punctured the outflow of liquid, coated with gentian violet solution, prevent infection. Also note that the indoor temperature, so as to avoid catching a cold again.

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