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Stiff neck or Cervical vertebra often not good try cupping

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 18,2014, 3:39:27 PM
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Autumn is a stiff neck, cervical vertebra disease prone season, Chinese medicine experts recommend treating with cupping method. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping a dredge main and collateral channels, Qi and blood, expelling wind and cold, removing blood stasis and relieving pain, to the cold, limbs muscle, joint pain, chest, back, waist pain, cough, indigestion, vomiting, epigastric pain, and has good therapeutic effect of abdominal pain etc..

Stiff neck with cupping and moxibustion

For cold Blocking Collaterals type of stiff neck, use cupping therapy is better. These patients are generally the morning has neck, shoulder and back pain to stiff discomfort, restricted, especially in the rotating fadeaway why, head to the contralateral muscle spasm, acid bilges, accompanied by chills, dizziness, mental fatigue, pale mouth thirst symptoms.

In this case can be used in the peripheral part of the neck and stiff neck walking tank, tank and comprehensive therapy for the treatment of moxibustion. First in the location of pain even daub safflower oil, by using the method of cupping, until the skin flush; after the door, Fengchi, Dazhui acupoints on the left tank; tank and then play the Moxa Moxibustion the acupuncture point 10 minutes, 1 times a day, until relieved so far.

The acupuncture bloodletting, walking tank mix of moxibustion to treat cervical spondylosis

The neck muscles often exposed, vulnerable to the autumn cold stimulation, make local muscle protective contraction, leading to the neck tension increased, muscle spasm, and compression to the neck of peripheral nerve, blood vessel, cause neck pain and discomfort.

Patients with the syndrome of cold dampness is particularly suitable for cervical spondylosis. The main symptoms of patients with headache, posterior occipital pain, neck strong, zhuance adverse, one side or both sides of shoulder and fingers numb pain or headache, backache, shoulder and neck involved supreme chills hi heat, cervical paravertebral sometimes can touch swollen nodules. In the treatment of first with plum blossom needle tapping the pain position, with micro hemorrhage; after the cessation of blood in these parts evenly on safflower oil, and then walking tank method and skin flushing so far; up tank and then the Moxa Moxibustion 10 minutes, every other day for 1 times, 10 times for 1 course of treatment.

Need to pay attention to is, cupping is not a panacea, for example have skin allergies, edema, bleeding disorders, hemophilia, will aggravate the condition. While the body extremely weak, thin and pregnant women, menstrual period of women, are not suitable for cupping.

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