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Some people the most suitable for cupping

Updated: Thursday, Jul 30,2015, 2:59:57 PM
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The work weary unbearable, we will expect to cupping; blowing air to blow the soreness and pain in the shoulder and back, we will expect to cupping; try a variety of methods to lose weight doesn't work, we will expect to cupping... As a kind of ancient, has a long history of Chinese medicine cupping, in modern still is widely applied to the human disease prevention and health care. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the disease is caused by the pathogenic factors of the body's Yin and Yang, the body's Qi, Qi and blood disorders, the function of organs and blood disorders. The vacuum cupping has a strong suction pulling force, the ceiling pulling force on the meridian points, pores drop ceiling and the skin congestion, so that the meridian qi and blood to be clear, the function of internal organs of the body can be adjusted, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and cure of disease. Cupping is most suitable for people with these diseases: cold, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, diaphragm muscle spasm, neural vomiting, chronic gastritis, neurasthenia, neurasthenia, migraine headaches, facial nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, impotence, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, acute waist injury sciatica, stiff neck, tennis elbow, gynecological disease, menopausal syndrome, acute tonsillitis, toothache, neural dermatitis, children indigestion, infantile diarrhea, enuresis and so on. Some people not cupping, belonging to the cupping of the taboo crowd, heart disease, blood disease, skin disease, skin lesions, psychotic or neurotic, pulmonary tuberculosis and a variety of infectious diseases, various fracture, extremely weak, pregnant women, women's menstrual period, satiety, hunger, excessive thirst, drunk, should be disabled or careful with cupping therapy. People should not be too thin by cupping. Although cupping can cure many diseases, but it is best to consult a doctor, to see whether their status at home for cupping. In the hospital outpatient, because by cupping improper and burned patients is not in the minority, more people mistakenly burns as "pull out the moisture. For blisters can not be regarded as normal, should be immediately to the hospital for treatment.

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