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Scraping epilepsy therapy

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 21,2009, 5:27:00 PM
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Epilepsy, also known as "epilepsy," Epilepsy is a paroxysmal abnormal mind diseases. Characterized by a sudden collapsed, tetanic convulsion, when the shift from the wake, wake up after the people, the disease was particularly prevalent in young people, more men than women.


 Etiology and Pathogenesis


     1, congenital factors in epileptic patients who begin early in life, and is closely related to congenital factors. Congenital factors are two-fold: First, the fetus because the mother by panic, so that maternal and fetal inverse air-chaos, liver and kidney damage; Second, inadequate endowments parents, or parents of the risk of epilepsy, leading to lack of fetal essence, the impact of fetal development. After birth, easy to have a sputum wind, resulting in seizures.

     2, the main responsibility of the impassioned disorders in panic. Gas panic disorder is, fear of the gas under the machine against the chaos caused by gas, and liver and kidney damage, resulting in non-convergence Yin-Yang and wind and heat and easy to lead to seizures.

     3, sputum obsessed fans have been drinking wine, spleen damage, loss of fine cloth, wet muddy cohesive as sputum; or injured workers thought, organ disorders, qiyu of fire, hot liquid into a chain of sputum, or phlegm with inverse gas or wind action, blinded-minded manner unchoked meridian, which occurred in epilepsy.

     4, brain injury as a result of impact or servant, or difficult birth, can lead to brain injury. After injury, blood Blood, blood circulation, the loss against the gods; NF dystrophy, the convulsive winds moving blood.


 Syndromes of the characteristics of


     Epilepsy attack although the typical symptoms, but the conditions are different. Attack with a long short time, there are a few seconds, minutes or even hours. Intermittent attacks have long suspense, the attack or on a day made several times, and even a few days out, and quite a few years out of the attack and the severity of the degree of difference, ranging from wood only stay ignorant, and do not hear not, Fixed non-language, pale, but no convulsions. A patient may make a sudden interruption of activities, the hands of an object or a sudden loss of the first sudden drop forward rapidly to inflate the weight off fast sharp howl, convulsion Chung saliva, urine from the left do not know who fainted, regained consciousness after the attack knew nothing about the situation in clinical sputum into closed wind resistance, Fire to be filled, heart and kidney Deficiency Syndromes 3, the wind resistance of sputum closed before the main attack often manifested as vertigo and other symptoms of chest tightness, fatigue, hair fall is a sudden, do not mind ching, convulsions or accompanied by screaming; Fire main features to be filled for the faint attack servant, or the roar, normal emotional haste, upset insomnia, expectoration of sorts, hard and dry mouth, constipation; heart and kidney deficiency manifested as epileptic attack the course of time, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness, weakness in the back did not efforts.




     1, Fire to be filled

     Selection: a long strong dovetail, Yanglingquan, tendons shrink, Leong, between the lines.

     Scraping swab order: first reduction of scraping the back tendons hole, and then scratch again dovetail front Changqiang click, and then lower limbs blown Yanglingquan final heavy blow to Hong Leong between the lines.

     Scraping swab method; reducing method

     Fangyi: Chang-qiang, dovetail traffic rendou, adjust the yin and yang yao points for governance epilepsy; Yanglingquan points for the tendons, the tendons with Du spasmolytic reduction can only twitch; Leong and stomach Jiangzhuo, Qingre Huatan; line hepatobiliary clearance between the fire, playing a total of only twitch Kaiqiao, hou Qingre sputum, the Gong Xifeng Pinggan.


     2, Fire to be filled

     Selection: a long strong dovetail, Yanglingquan, tendons shrink, the wind pool, Taichong, Hong Leong

     Scraping swab order: first, after scratching his head wind pool, and then scratch the back tendons shrink, zai dovetail front scratch, according to a long point, and scraping to the lower extremities Yanglingquan Leong, and finally Taichong scratch.

     Scraping swab method: reducing method

     Fangyi: Chang-qiang, dovetail, Yanglingquan, tendons reduction, such as the former in recent references, the wind pool with Taichong Pinggan Xifeng; Huatan Qingre Leong.


     3, heart and kidney deficiency

     Selection: Baihui, Shenshu, liver Yu, Shenmen, xinyu

     Scraping swab order: first point Baihui by the head, and then blown to xinyu Shenshu, zai scratch Shenmen forearm.

     Scraping swab method: fill method

     Fangyi: Xingshen Kaiqiao Baihui; xinyu Shenmen Yangxin sedative; Shenshu, liver liver Yu tune up.

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