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Inventory: common cupping method and Application

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 18,2014, 3:37:58 PM
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Of many people around the body does not appear, will go to the cupping. Cupping is in cans as a tool, the use of fire, pumping method to generate negative pressure, so that the adsorption on the surface, cause local blood stasis, to reach through the meridians, Qi and blood circulation, relieving swelling and pain, expelling wind and cold role therapy.

Method, the cupping:

1, cupping method: using thermal combustion flame, row to the air, so that the formation of negative pressure inside the tank, the tank sorption on the skin. There are several methods:

(1) cast fire law: the tissue paper rolled into a roll, or cut into thin strip of paper, burning to 1/3, into the pot, the cupping quickly knock in selected parts. Cast fire, regardless of the use of the paper roll and slip, must be high out of the tank mouth one inch, until the burning of an inch or so, roll and slip, can the inclined vertical tank side, fire does not burn the skin. Beginner cast fire method, also can be in the pulled place, put a layer of wet paper, or coated with water, let it absorb heat, can protect the skin.

(2) flash: use 7 ~ 8 thick wire, a head wound asbestos rope or belt line, make alcohol holding.

Before use, the alcohol bar slightly dipped in 95% alcohol, burning alcohol lamp or a candle flame, with alcohol rod head, towards the tank bottom flash, the rapid withdrawal, will soon be cupping in pull on the position, at this time has become the negative pressure to suck in the tank.

The advantages of flash fire method is: when the flashing stick when alcohol flame has left the cupping, no fire tank, avoid the scald, superior to cast fire method.

Method: (3) drop of wine to the pot wall mid, little drops of 1 ~ 2 drops of alcohol, will jar rotates a circle, make the alcohol evenly attached on the inner wall of the jar (do not touch the jar mouth), and then with a match alcohol burning, the tank mouth down, quickly pot knock in selected position.

(4) stick cotton method: tearing about 0.5 cm square absorbent cotton and a small, thin dipped in alcohol, cling to in the middle of the tank wall, burning with matches, will soon be jar buckle in selected parts.

(5) the fire fight method: prepare a not easy combustion and heat transfer block, 2-3 cm in diameter, on the pull part is small, alcohol cotton, cotton will be burning, immediately will jar buckle, immediately attracted, can produce strong suction.

2, water tank: general application of bamboo pot. The first pot in pot boiling water, use the jar dumping folder out of tweezers, jilt liquid water, or with a towel folded tight palpable tank mouth, by hot press on the skin, which can suck.

3, pumping method: first the tank pumping closely green, streptomycin and other waste bottle into the need of cupping parts, draw out the air inside the bottle from the rubber plug with a syringe, produce negative pressure, which can suck. Or use the pump set in plastic jar piston, will air out, namely can sorption.

Application of two, various cupping method:

1, a single tank: for smaller lesions range or tenderness point. But according to the size range of lesions or tenderness, cupping and select the appropriate aperture. Such as the stomach in the in Wan acupuncture point cupping; tendinitis of supraspinatus muscle in Jianyu cupping etc..

2, multi tank: a wide range of diseases for lesions. According to the anatomical morphology etc. lesion, discretionary cupping several and even picked up a number of. If a muscle strain when the muscle bundles were aligned according to the position of cupping a plurality of cupping, known as "the cupping therapy". The treatment of some internal organs or organ congestion, according to the range of anatomic site organs in body parts corresponding aspect of parallel cupping a few cans.

3, cupping jar pulling: after an immediate, repeated cupping to repeatedly, until the skin flushing. Used for deficiency or hypothyroidism cases of local skin numbness.

4, keep jar: cupping, retained a certain amount of time, generally 5-15 minutes of lien. Tank suction pulling force and strong should be appropriate to reduce the cupping time, summer and the skin is thin, the cupping time should not be too long, so as not to damage the skin.

5, push tank: also known as tank, generally used for larger, muscle parts of the rich, such as the back, thighs and other department, should choose a larger diameter tanks, tank opening requirement of smooth, it is best to use a glass jar, first in the pot mouth besmears some lubricating grease, the tank suction, to hold the bottom of the tank slightly inclined, that is, after the half to half, before the slightly raised, slowly move forward, so on the skin surface or back and forth about push and pull move several times, until the skin flush.

6, the medicine pot:

(1) the medicine tank: the prepared drug into the bag, the mouth of the bag, add water and cook until the proper concentration, then the bamboo jar into drug juice and cook for 15 minutes, when in use, according to the method of sucking water tank in place, used for rheumatism and other diseases. The commonly used drug prescription: ephedra, Artemisia argyi, notopterygium root, pubescent angelica root, ledebouriella root, Qin Qiu, papaya, Pericarpium zanthoxyli, Aconitum carmichaeli, like flowers, Liu Jinu, frankincense and myrrh all two money.

(2) the medicine storage tank: in advance within the degassing tank filled with liquor storage certain (about a jar of 2/3-1/2). Commonly used for pepper, pricklyash tincture, ginger juice, rheumatism wine. Then press the degassing tank operation method, pumping to the air, so that the suction on the skin. There are liquid in glass tank storing 1/3-1/2, then use the cupping cupping on the skin. Used in rheumatism, asthma, cough, cold, ulcer disease, chronic gastritis, indigestion, psoriasis, etc..

7, the needle canister: first implementation of acupuncture in certain parts, to reach a certain amount of stimulation, the needle in place, and then to the acupuncture point as the center, pull the cupping. If combined with the medicine pot, known as the "needle medicine pot", used for rheumatism.

8, pricking blood (pricking and cupping method): with three edged needle, ceramic, coarse needle, small needle knife, eyebrow skin, * needle, according to the site of lesion size and requirements by pricking blood letting puncture bleeding, small blood vessels, and then pull to cupping, can strengthen the effect of pricking blood. Applicable to all kinds of acute and chronic soft tissue injury, neurodermatitis and pruritus, erysipelas, neurasthenia, gastrointestinal neurosis etc..

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