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Guasha what are the benefits to the body?

Updated: Sunday, Nov 20,2011, 7:00:42 PM
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First, scraping the back body conditioning

Chinese medicine, the spine on both sides of the bladder full sun on the shu points, blood transfusion for the offal of the Department, to stimulate the organs back shu points, the essence of the internal organs has a direct role in the regulation. Modern medicine is not only one pillar of the spine, the spinal cord or within the human brain and visceral contact with the extremities of the bridge, all parts of the body's nerves are almost out from the spine on both sides of the distribution. According nerve distribution and characteristics of meridians and acupoints, through a form of fever, to clear the meridians, expelling heat, improve the body immunity function. Not only expelling Xiere, you can also play a role in conditioning the body as a whole functions.

Second, the scraping of the pain network effect

1, dredging meridians, spasm pain. Any pain is more than muscle tension, blood circulation obstacles, pain is bound to exacerbate the so-called "General does not hurt, General does not hurt." The purpose of the use of scraping is to break the cycle of pain and eliminate muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Modern medicine has proved that when partial damage by scraping some friction, it can relieve muscle tension, dissipate hematoma, is conducive to the improvement of local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism of other substances and pain caused by running; In addition, scraping swab, click therapy to stimulate the deep tissue and nerve fibers receptors, signal transduction inhibition of pain, muscle tension and pain, thus blocking the vicious cycle.

2, improve local circulation, strengthen the organization and nutrition.

3, loosen adhesions, lubricate joints, promote functional recovery.

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