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Guasha treatment of headache method

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 02,2013, 1:55:30 PM
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Headache is commonly subjective symptom in clinic. Whatever part of head pain are all called headache. The disease may appear separately, can also be found in a variety of acute and chronic diseases, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the incidence of headache and affection of exotenous wind-cold-wetness evil, internal damage, liver, spleen, kidney of three viscus, according to Meridian differentiation of symptoms and signs, the pain of his forehead by Yang Ming, side headache is belong to Shaoyang, hind headache is belong to Taiyang, pain of corona capitis is belong to Jueyin.

Acupoints for headache

Touwei: 0.5 cun away the chignon and on the anterior hairline.

Fengfu, Fengchi, Taiyang, Yingtang, Lieque, Neiguan,

Yanglingquan: on the depression posterior and inferior of capitulum fibulae.

Dazhui, Feishu, Ganshu, Shenshu, Hegu,

Taichong: On the instep of the foot. in the depression of the posterior end of the lst interosseous metatarsal space.

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