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GuaSha Treatment of Disease

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 5:31:27 PM
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What is guasha?

guasha is a traditional Chinese folk medicine, history of the source is far, with more than 2000 years of history. It is the instrument such as the human body through the guasha meridians and acupoints scraping swab, to medical, health, beauty, weight loss and other effects of a technology.

guasha, is guasha board dip scraping oil in certain parts of the body repeatedly scraping action, friction skin of patients to treat diseases, methods.

The principle is based on traditional Chinese medicine guasha 12 meridians and eight extra-meridians, follow the "urgent then treat the symptoms" principle, using strong tactics to stimulate the meridians, so that local skin redness congestion, thereby making Xingshen save Jue, detoxification Quxie , heat solution tables, rows gas pain, spleen and stomach effectiveness.

guasha originated in the Paleolithic Age, people have fallen ill, out of instinct, or stone rubbing their hands, thump of a body surface area, and sometimes went so far as the disease can be eased. Through long-term practice and accumulation, and gradually formed a Bian-stone treatment approach, namely, "guasha" the embryonic form of therapy.

guasha therapy is to scraping a container in the meridian points on the skin scaling, skin scrapings blood coagulation imaging until the rice kind of red dot up, through the sweat pores to open and fever virus (ie virus) then removed from the body, so as to achieve governance The more the purpose of the disease.

Dehydration disorders are diseases?

"Fever disease" is a common traditional Chinese medicine books nonaggressive. The so-called "fever", is to use a specific tool to scrape a few patients, the skin will soon be some purple color, similar to fine sand point, it is accordingly named the "fever syndrome."

Chinese book on the cholera disease, there are a lot of names, the more common are: fever tendon transfer, hanging foot fever, twisted intestinal fever, dehydration gas disease, diseases such as cholera inflation.

"Fever" is the body of qi and blood stasis, obstruction, once the "unreasonable", the disease will follow. Gua Sha can be borrowed from detoxification to remove silt. "Cholera poison" by not digest food or can not be excluded accumulation of metabolic waste, the human body to a certain degree of fever drug cholestasis, in addition to the blood circulation may be blocked, there are many liquid cycle may also be blocked, such as the lymph, cell extracellular fluid, interstitial fluid and so on. With the interpretation of Western medicine point of view, once the liquid flow blocked, it is easy to produce chronic fasciitis will feel localized muscle stiffness. The Scrapping like massage, can promote the body fluid circulation, to avoid the obstruction.

guasha therapy for different acupuncture points and meridians, the body will have an impact on the different reflex zones, so the different parts of scraping will have different results. For example, the waist, the main kidney meridian, on the back of the main heart and lung function, lower back of the main stomach liver and gallbladder. Located in the head and neck at the junction of the neck and shoulder part of the occasion is the most common therapy scraping scraping the site, scraping this site may be fever, Qu Shu, Qufeng cold. If the tension in this area will cause the body Qimai unreasonable, so patients tend to have neck and shoulder a loose, full-body relaxation experience.

guasha be able to cure illness?

guasha can cure many diseases, such as heat, cold, headache, gastritis, abdominal pain, insomnia, rheumatic arthritis, chronic low back pain, sciatica, sprains, stiff neck, palpitations, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, anemia, menstrual pain, physical flow, and obesity , energy decreased, myopia, cough, spit, tonsillitis, hiccups, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, diarrhea, motion sickness, mental weakness, lack of milk, cystitis, children's physical weakness, enuresis, asthma, eczema, urticaria, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, habitual constipation, hemorrhoids and other common diseases, acute illness, prevention and treatment of difficult diseases, there are certain, or immediate effect.

Also insist on implementation of the meridian Zouxue guasha, treatment of stretch marks, varicose veins, increase in children's height, to improve vision, enhance intelligence, also had an unexpected effect. After clinical validation, scraping can cure more than 400 kinds of diseases. Acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, qigong can be solved symptoms, with guasha therapy is easy.

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