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Cupping therapy weight loss

Updated: Tuesday, May 05,2009, 11:36:11 AM
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Traditional medicine health diet and effective method of simple obesity, obesity of genetic methods currently no markedly.


 Cupping operation


 1. Sheng Yang Kang in person for the physical symptoms of obesity, appetite hyperthyroidism, good food and more muscular, more greasy moss, red tongue, pulse a few slip.


 Treatment: Qingwei Xiehuo.


 Selection: hunger, the stomach Yu, and Yang Feishu points such as pool, such as triple points Yu.


 Steps: weight loss should be cupping and ear pressure will be combined with an integrated approach. Ear acupuncture day (mid-point in front of tragus, external nose points below), reduced appetite, weight loss experience of the Department of point efficiency. Single-pot method Feishu can stay is the result of microscopic water Xuan Gu Su made cloth body down and lose because of pulmonary gas main. Yang Chi check, triple burner, such as stomach Yu is the point of digestion and absorption from the diet lose cloth and is closely related to the spleen and stomach function, especially for the above-mentioned hole weight loss (and other weight loss method), such as hunger appears to reconcile the role of reaction.


 2. Dampness block for the physical symptoms are associated with obesity or see lethargy, easy fatigue, mouth odor, less menstruation or amenorrhea women, men, Yang fistula, tongue weight, pulse and other symptoms of Shen or Waterloo.


 Treatment: Wet Huatan law.


 Selection: Ear endocrine, adrenal gland, Yu body points such as the triple burner.


 Steps: ear pressure endocrine, adrenal Point point, the central nervous system from the adjustment of the endocrine society. Body can be combined with single-point method can take the cans, Shi patients 15 to 20 minutes, taking the role of Huatan Jianpi Qushi.


 Traditional medicine is to lose weight in the modern theory of meridians to be organs of the clinical use of reasoning, the law implies the use of diarrhea in inhibiting feeding function, or adjust the state of the spleen and stomach in order to achieve weight loss Hypersplenism purpose. Here should not be denied that these therapies have the role of psychological and implied, due to patients anxious to lose weight: these therapies have played a role of suggestion therapy, by hunger or fasting patients the operation, patients are prompted to play a conscious control of the psychological effects of food and at the same time indeed caused by the hypothalamus in central regulation of feeding response.

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