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Cupping therapy of chronic bronchitis

Updated: Saturday, Apr 18,2009, 10:53:15 AM
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Selection: ① points: Dazhui, body column, the shuttle of a loom, throttle, Feishu, Qu Chi, Ze-foot, day process; ② parts: neck, spine on both sides, suprascapular area.


 Operation of law: from a diameter of 4 ~ 6cm cupping glass or ceramic pot, bamboo pot, with 95% alcohol cotton balls torn loose at the end attached to the tank, can be ignited after the cotton balls in the air burning will make an immediate deduction in the selection of the tank part of the treatment, the skin firmly with the catch up, generally can stay 10 ~ 15 minutes.


 Indications: chronic bronchitis.


 Note: ① barbecue can not be overheated jar kou; ② lit stick of alcohol in the tank at the end of the cotton, they will be taken to avoid falling, causing burns. 

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