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Cupping discomfort, how to deal with

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 18,2014, 3:31:16 PM
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Many people will choose the cupping body discomfort, but the tank, some people will appear unwell. If the patient feels local very nervous, burning hot unbearable pain, a few minutes that blisters (may also suffer from moisture card), or to operate local distal sensory hair is cool, numbness, pain, abnormal reaction is. Common reactions and processing method below we view cupping will appear:

1, the normal reaction

No matter what method to use the tank suction on the surface, because of the action of the negative pressure suction jar, local soft tissue can uplift in the jar mouth above the plane, the patient felt local pull pull bilge feeling, or fever, chill out, warmth, comfort, and some diseases immediately or gradually reduce, even eliminate completely. Of course, the feeling is not all appear, according to individual reaction, the amount of explicit and implicit have not appeared. Stay in the tank to a certain period of time (a few minutes to 10 minutes), or a flash tank, tank after several times of local soft tissue, presenting flushing, purple red (color, or ecchymosis) Dan Sha (small punctate, purple red rash), these changes in skin after jar may maintain one to several days. Of these, the treatment effects are cupping therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to diagnose and auxiliary diagnose diseases according to the reaction of local circumstances. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cupping area blisters, edema, water too much, reveal with moisture certificate. Appear red, purple black or red measles, or touch of pain, and see the body heat, tips with heat toxin; body heat, tips with blood stasis; skin color unchanged, Wen did not touch, tips with deficiency cold syndrome; micro itch, or striae, tips with wind syndrome. About pricking and cupping suck out of the liquid, can express different condition. Generally considered: blood showed mild, black blood or blood stasis block display stasis is heavy, yellow display of damp heat syndrome of damp, water, blood, often appear at the beginning of the treatment phase or disease will recover stage. As for the bleeding amount and may also suggest the severity of illness and prognosis. The treatment of some patients began, less bleeding or no bleeding, this is blood stasis obstruction of serious or climate performance, along with the increase of times of treatment, blood stasis gradually sucked, hemorrhage volume gradually increased, but with the improvement of the disease, bleeding volume and will be gradually reduced, until the suction is not bleeding. Western medicine thinks, cupping area if the micro hemorrhage, can be used as a diagnostic exanthematous disease (such as measles, rubella, scarlet fever, typhus and so on) one of the grounds, because these diseases are rash pre capillary damage. If appear imprint black halo, including bleeding purpura, and overlap each other, for the positive response of typhus, this reaction is deformation bacteria agglutination or rickettsial agglutination reaction on average 2 days earlier, and the positive rate is high; there are many large blisters, presenting with water retention, limb is not obvious to the naked eye is difficult to observe the emergence of edema disease; pink or no stains, prompted with neuralgia or hypertension; dark purple spots, and often appear dark brown markings in the middle of purple red imprint, prompt have muscular rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. If the treatment process of these prints or markings gradually reduced, prompt remission, improvement or recovery.

2, abnormal reaction

Tank, if the patient feels local very nervous, burning hot unbearable pain, a few minutes that blisters (may also suffer from moisture card), or to operate local distal sensory hair is cool, numbness, pain, abnormal reaction is. Causes of abnormal reaction about the following aspects.

(1) the psychological reaction of patients over.

(2) the jar suction is too large.

(3) the operation errors, burn the skin, or skin had a wound.

(4) of the coated drugs to stimulate too strong.

(5) the tank mouth edge is too thin (refers to substitute tank), or not smooth, with sand grain shaped like convex or concave convex slot, mark, or the patient skin dry relaxation (such as the elderly), and the doctor on the cans may rotate the wrist (rotary tank), make the skin appear wrinkle.

(6) the suction tank for too long, too many local blood formation, uplift the obvious.

(7) the cupping local a large artery in the shallow distribution (such as the groin artery, dorsalis pedis artery place), due to the effect of suction, local soft tissue tension, artery compression and the blood supply affected, and distal tissue appeared ischemia, so numb, chills, pain reaction, even tissue necrosis occurs.

Dizzy tank, is refers in the cupping process, patients dizziness, palpitation, nausea, vomiting, cold sweat even syncope and other symptoms. The cause of dizzy tank for weakness, hunger, fatigue, mental tension, or the pot on the taboo parts etc.. In general, simple cupping cause dizzy tank is extremely rare, and only occasionally in the implementation of acupuncture and cupping method and thorn cupping occurs.

3, abnormal reaction and prevention and treatment measures of treatment of abnormal reaction.

(1) to carefully check the pot, do not meet the requirements of the abandoned; strict compliance with operating procedures.

(2) although the strong stimulation of acupuncture cupping is not like that, but after all the acupoint stimulation. Because of the existence of individual differences, each response to stimulus intensity not, so to hunger, fatigue, mental stress, the patient is best not to drink them, especially not in response to strong points, such as the Hegu, Taichong acupoint application etc.. Don't the ambient temperature is too low, try not to let the patient cold feeling appear.

(3) on the tank to ask patients feel, observe the skin changes in the tank. If the patient complains of sucking too hard, pain or burning sensation (applicator tank, dressing can appear mild burning sensation is normal), can be a hand-held cans, soft tissue of another hand index finger or thumb finger gently press the tank peristome, makes the gap a minimal soft tissue with a pot opening between the edge and if the gas nozzle for tank, can be a little spin frustrated bolt nut, let a little air to enter, in order to reduce the negative pressure in the pot. If it is the implementation of close packed cans, should check whether the tank is too close to the distance, whether to adjust. If the above treatment is still unwell, should take off the tank inspection. If the local skin blisters, should also play a tank. Jar, coated with methyl violet drops, and to wrap up, to prevent infection.

(4) in the implementation of acupuncture and cupping method, such as needle mouth too much pain, or pain acid feeling to him at the sensing, unbearable, should adjust the depth of tank needle or stab, the reaction to be reduced after cupping.

(5) in the operation process, if appear dizzy tank phenomenon, do not panic, should put the patient clothes and unbuttoned to hot water to drink (can add some sugar), pay attention to keep warm. After the above treatment, still failed to alleviate the symptoms, should immediately from the tank, let the patient to lie. If the reaction is still aggravating (such as syncope, hypotension), should put the pillow on the foot, make the Trendelenburg position, at the same time to nail margin according to the patient's people in the cave or ten diffusing points, or use the fingertip to knead by Hegu and Neiguan and Zusanli maynot. The cold sweat or sweat more, can the Moxa Moxibustion Baihui Point Yongquan point or. After the above measures after treatment if fainting, hypotension still cannot be corrected, can consider the application of central nervous system stimulants or infusion.

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