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Updated: Tuesday, Apr 13,2010, 2:35:52 PM
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New cancer cases can be reduced, and many cancer deaths can be prevented. Studies have shown that cervical and colorectal cancer screening recommendations to help prevent the discovery of precancerous lesions of these diseases, so that they can handle, they become cancer cells. As cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer screening will also help in early detection of these diseases are highly treatable stage.

A person's cancer risk could reduce the other, to receive formal medical care, avoid smoking, Xian Zhi alcohol use, avoid the sun and tanning beds from excessive exposure to UV, Chi's diet rich in fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight , and physical activity.

Vaccines also help reduce the risk of cancer. The virus (HPV) human papilloma virus vaccine to help prevent most cervical cancer and vulvar and vaginal certain cancers, hepatitis B vaccine can reduce the risk of liver cancer. Production of cancer screening, information and referral services available and accessible to all Americans could reduce cancer incidence and death.

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