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Yin-Yang Balance Food Choice

Updated: Friday, Oct 09,2009, 2:24:02 PM
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If you are in acupuncture and traditional medicine for treatment, choosing the right foods for your constitution will accelerate.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), health is a balance in which food choice is key. As a nutritionist long, deep positive changes can when people report good food choices.
A balanced diet in terms of traditional Chinese medicine is very different from the Western diet. Modern nutrition science is aware of the chemical composition of food and biochemical pathways of the body. Western Nutritionists used to quantify nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, then depending on the food category, a one-size-fits-all recommendation.  The food pyramid, for example, groups of bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes, along with carbohydrates, suggesting that 5 to 8 servings.
In TCM, but bread and pasta and cold and moisture, so do not overload too much weight to someone, or have recommended nasal congestion. Sprouted grains, rye and wild rice, do not bear carbohydrate, moisture, because the energetic properties, such as flour and in fact can be for people with these conditions, Yin useful.

According to Eastern traditions and the forces of yin and yang qualities of energy as everything in the universe, including our health. The Chinese symbol for yin is the dark side of the hill, while Yang is the symbol of the sunny side. Sun Yin qualities are cold, wet and dark, based on the properties of Yang warm, dry and light. The winter is Yin and Yang is summer and night is yin-yang during the day. Arthritis is exacerbated by the cold is a yin condition. A red rash, swollen that brought the heat is a state of Yang. A red-faced, irritable man with high blood pressure is the Yang. , Depression in women Anemia yin.
Yin foods are generally cooling and / or hydration of the body. Yang foods tend to be warming and drying. This has less to do with the actual temperature or moisture of food and more to do with energy. Cooked spinach, for example, cooling and humidification of fried tofu. Ice wine in the world, like roast beef. Toast and moisturize dry grip in reality the body. The health consequences of the properties of these foods has been observed for thousands of years.

Acupuncture has been taught to balance their own constitution of his body. Seeing his body and understanding of the energetics of foods that can make food and activity options to accelerate the body's healing process. The imbalance can range from an excess or lack of yin or yang. Although much more complex than can be related to an overview of yin and yang imbalance standards and food choices that can help restore balance. Constitution is constantly adjusted so that may change with the seasons and the state of his life.

A cold pattern often appears to vegetarians or those who eat mainly raw foods, especially if you live in the cold. Cold can determine the age can be combined with the humidity. Regular aerobic exercise heated necessary. Healing food choices include hot or lamb dishes, dark poultry meat soups and stews, eggs, eel, trout and wild salmon. Benefits include cooked vegetables, root vegetables, cooked pumpkin, onions, vegetables and mustard. Nuts and seeds are warming, such as butter, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, turmeric and pepper. Useful Seeds contain oats, quinoa and buckwheat. Food and drink are best cooked and eaten hot. Salads, fruit, frozen desserts, pasta, flour, ice and beverages should be minimized.

Moisture can be associated with cold or heat and is exacerbated by damp living conditions. Chronicle of moisture has made the consumption of the preparation, excessive anxiety, or a diet rich in fried foods market, bread, pasta, dairy business, ice cream and other sweets.
Also weaken the salads and fruits first digestion and leads to moisture. Aerobics is for the rest of paramount importance.

Food useful include lightly cooked vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and cabbage. Fish and meats grilled or roasted poultry are balanced. The best seeds for a fluid model is rye, Basmati and Jasmine rice and sprouted grains. Radishes, beets, pumpkin seeds, green tea and bitter foods and herbs help to dry the moisture.

Confectionery dairy, and starchy foods contribute to moisture. Ice cream, noodles, bread and milk should be avoided.

Cooling foods include melons, pears, bean dishes, mung beans, sprouts, sushi, spicy soups and not much water. Alcohol and sugar are best avoided. Mint is a relaxing bath in the preamble, herbs, pepper, garlic, ginger, onions, and should be reduced.

A dry pattern is the lack of Yin or fluids. Hormones, skin oils offer, saliva, digestive juices and secretions of our element we yin.
The liquids are similar to car antifreeze in a low, can easily overheat or freeze. We dryness during menopause, or the age and skin becomes dry. Although hot flashes feel like heat, is a sign of reduced yin, which allows normal body heat, uncontrollable. Stress also exhausted Yin.

Resources include meditation, yoga, nature walks and gardening. Beneficial fats are vital. Healthy choices are oily fish, eggs from outdoor herb butter, goat cheese and sheep's milk, olive oil and coconut oil, red meat, poultry, pork, nuts and avocados to eat . Soups and stews rich grass-fed animal fats are very helpful. Other foods include soaking black beans, green beans, cabbage, pumpkin, yam, seaweed, millet, wheat bread, fermented soybeans and shellfish.

Summer Foods like salads, cucumbers and melons are ideal for warm climates. In contrast, meat, root vegetables, hot soups and stews to eat more in winter. Listen to your body and choose foods that seem to be a natural balance.


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