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What to eat fruit a good sleep

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 10:21:43 AM
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In fact, the control of insomnia symptoms and improve sleep quality are not the only medication can. The so-called "three-drug", insomnia, or can we not take medicine on the other medication, find one which can be Zhumian, and drug substitutes, such as fruits and vegetables and the like, both to improve the health benefits of sleep again. Now, mental health experts on a simple network to talk about what the long-term insomnia eat fruit.


     A recent study shows that eating 2 kiwi fruit, you can improve the sleep quality of 40%! Sleep disorders produce the over-stimulate the central nervous, sympathetic nervous over-excitement or stress lead to a large number of secretion of hormones. Kiwi is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, contribute to neurotransmitter synthesis and transmission, in addition, it contains other rare fruit, calcium, a stable emotional and inhibit sympathetic role.


     Recent studies have confirmed that good grapes to improve the role of insomnia. The reason is that grapes contain material that will supplement the sleep - melatonin. Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain of a substance with a close relationship between sleep at night is a strong period of melatonin secretion, indicating that going to sleep, and morning is the time of melatonin secretion in the least , that is, the awake time. Therefore, it can help regulate sleep cycles, so that irregular sleep any better. Experts also said that because wine contains antioxidants and alcohol, it contains higher melatonin levels may be more conducive to sleep.


     Is good for the banana contains Vitamin B6 away from depression and the cause of spiritual joy of the 5 - hydroxytryptamine material, can effectively drive people away from depression and promote sleep.



     Jujube contains protein, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other beneficial substances, with Spleen soothe the nerves of the role, after dinner with Jujube water Jianzhi taking or eating porridge with Lily can speed up the time to fall asleep.


     According to modern biochemical analysis, apples are rich in sugar, pectin, protein, malic acid, quinic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, carotene, vitamin B family, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, multi - kinds of elements. Aromatic ingredient contains 92% alcohol, carbonyl compounds 6%. Apple's full-bodied aroma of human nerves have a very strong sedative effect, can be urging them to sleep.

     Now, knowing what the long-term insomnia, eating fruit, the majority of patients with insomnia should also give up in the hands of a bottle. But also through the fruit to Zhumian can be achieved in the promotion of sleep at the same time pay, beauty, regulating the role of physical and mental, serve multiple purposes.

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