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Treatment of colon cancer diet

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 28,2009, 5:03:31 PM
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The main physiological function of the colon is to absorb water and storage of food residues, the formation of faeces, colonic mucosa of the glands that secrete thick mucus, which was alkaline mucus may be a product of fermentation in and faeces. When suffering from colon cancer, the physiological function has been damaged, bowel function and general condition had been affected, such as diarrhea, bowel problems, body weight loss and other symptoms. If the diet is still not aware that eating certain foods difficult to digest, as well as the promoter of food, it will add to the progress of colon cancer, so that systemic failure. Suffering from colon cancer, we must pay attention to diet.

Practice has proved that high-fat diet will promote the occurrence of intestinal cancer, in particular polyunsaturated fatty acids, while lowering blood lipids, but the role of promoter occurred, cholesterol itself is not carcinogenic, but at the same time gallstone acid reaction, there is promoter effect, indicating gallstone acid is a promoter element. Swollen colon cancer patients should not eat more fat, total fat below 30% of the total thermal energy, dynamic, vegetable oil ratio should be appropriate. In other words, a day diet, including the amount of fat the food itself, plus cooking oil a day it would take 50 grams of fat. Some friends fear of coronary heart disease, control of animal fat is very strict, often vegetable oil-based, and even do not eat animal fat, this would result in too much peroxide in vivo. Because vegetable oil carbon-chain unstable, easily oxidized, if appropriate eating animal fats, it will cause the carbon chain of stable, easily oxidized, and reduce the formation of free radicals, it was necessary to scientifically eat, pay attention to a reasonable ratio of fat.

Should pay attention to diet rich in dietary fiber, eat more vegetables, such as celery, leeks, cabbage, radish and other green leafy vegetables, dietary fiber-rich vegetables can stimulate peristalsis and increase stool frequency, stool were taken from the carcinogenic and toxic substances . If the colon to the intestine protruding, lumen narrow, we should control the intake of dietary fiber because of excessive intake of dietary fiber can cause intestinal obstruction. At this time should be given digestible, valuables of the semi-liquid foods such as millet gruel, thick soup of lotus root starch, large rice soup, porridge, cornmeal porridge, Dan Geng, soybean curd and so on, these foods can reduce the stimulation of the gut than through the intestinal smooth cavity, to prevent the occurrence of intestinal obstruction.

After colon cancer patients, should work with other gastrointestinal surgery patients, have to the doctor's advice, given to diet, eating is necessary to dilute the quality of the soft start to gradually adapt to the body and then add additional food. Should be careful not to eat more fat, must be reasonable with sugar, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and other food, every day there is food, lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, various vegetables and soy products, each the amount of kinds of not too much. So as to complement a variety of nutrients needed for the body. Initially unable to eat normally after surgery, we should mainly by intravenous infusion can be added through the infusion of glucose, amino acids and fat emulsion, but the input rate of fat emulsion and amino acids should not be too fast, enter upon the body will not absorb too quickly, but the energy created waste, while making the body produce adverse reactions. Attention to strengthening post-operative care and diet, the patient's strength will gradually return to normal, but more importantly, should adhere to postoperative chemotherapy.

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