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The people who often use computers should nourish the liver

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 19,2013, 2:44:27 PM
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Using eyes for a long time hurts liver and sitting for a long time hurts bone. The people sitting at the computer spend a lot of time on staring at the screen. If they do like this for day by day, month by month and even year by year, they will feel dizzy and headache. If the liver qi is not in order, the people’s whole qi and blood will be also disordered, and then it will cause some diseases such as hypertension and digestion disorder. So the people who use computer much should nourish the liver.


First, they should pay attention to the diet, and eat more warm-natured food, such as leeks. The leeks can strengthen the qi in spleen and stomach, besides Onions and garlic are good for liver. Jujube can strengthen your liver and spleen. At the same time eating some buckwheat, shepherd's purse, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, asparagus, eggplant, horseshoe, cucumber and mushroom properly is good. You also should eat less sour food. The followings are two kinds of porridge nourishing the liver. We might as well have a try.


Wolfberry porridge: 30 grams wolfberry, 60 grams rice. First cook the rice medium. Second put the wolfberry in it and cook thoroughly. The porridge is very suitable for the people who often feel dizzy, eye acerbity, tinnitus and sore in waist. If the hepatitis eat this porridge, it can strengthen the liver and promote the regeneration of liver cells.


Pork liver and green bean porridge: 100 grams fresh pork liver, 60grams green bean, 100grams rice and proper salt and msg. First, wash the green bean and rice and then cook them together. When the porridge is boiling, adjust the fire to weakness. Second, when the porridge tends to be ready, put the sliced pork liver and then put some condiment. The porridge has the function of nourishing liver and blood, removing heat, improving eyesight, beauty skin and making you radiant. It is specially suit to the weak people with sallow complexion face and failure of eyesight.

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