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TCM life cultivation experts suggestions :Eight don't after-meal

Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:55:23 PM
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Don’t hurry to smoke. The risk of smoking after meals is tenfold to that of the ordinary time. As the blood circulation amount in the digestive tracts increase after meals, substantial objectionable constituents in the cigarette are absorbed in the body which would damage the liver, brain and heart vessels. 


Don’t hurry to drink tea. Substantial tannic acid contained in the tea would combine with the iron element and zinc element in the food to produce substance that is hard to be dissolved. Consequently, the iron element would lose. But if we drink tea one hour after meals, the situation mentioned above would not occur.


Don’t hurry to take a shower. If you take a shower after meals immediately, the blood would assemble in the body surface and the blood circulation amount in the gastrointestinal tracts would be less. As a result, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tracts would decline.


Don’t hurry to   go to bed. Lying on the bed after meals would easily cause obesity disease. Medical specialists admonish that it is better to take 20 minutes rest before gonging to bed, even though it is a noontime snooze.


Don’t hurry to take a walk. The increase of the motion amount after meals will impact the digestion and intake of the nutritional substance. Especially for the elders, who have problems about the decline of the heart function, cardiovascular sclerosis or the functional disorders of reflex regulation for the the blood pressure, would often suffer from blood pressure declining if taking walk after meals.


Don’t hurry to drive. As a matter of fact, accident can easily happen on those drivers who have just finished their meals. That’s because the stomach and intestines need much blood to aid digestion, therefore, under such circumstance, transient ischemia of the brain organs can be caused easily, thus operation errors may ocur.


Don’t hurry to eat fruits. It will take about 1-2 hours for the meals to digest in the stomach before they are transferred to the small intestine. If we take in fruits just after meals, the foods will be blocked in the stomach and it will cause the disorder of the digestion function.


Don’t hurry to loosen the trouser's belt. Loosening belts after meals will release the abdominal pressure, and then it will weaken the supporting function of the digestive tracts and augment the burden of the digestive organs’ mobility and ligament rapidly. Consequently, digestive systematic diseases like gastroptosis and upper abdominal discomfort etc would appear.

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