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Dietetic Chinese Drugs and Medicated for Dietetic Therapy

Updated: Monday, Apr 26,2010, 5:09:49 PM
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For the convenience of narration, medicated diet is divided into two types; dietetic Chinese drugs and medicated diet for dietetic treatment.
Dietetic Chinese Drugs
Dietetic Chinese Drugs, also known as "edible Chinese drugs", "dietetic materia medica" or "medicinal food", refer to drink and food which can be used either for

prevention and cure of diseases, or for health care and recovery. Dietetic Chinese drugs of this type include cereals, fruits, nuts, vegetables, seasonings, birds and

animals, aquatic products and so on, but only 70 kinds will be discussed-in this book.
Medicated Diet for Dietetic Therapy
Medicated diet for dietetic therapy is a diet made from salutary drugs, food and condiments. Concretely speaking, medicated diet can be prepared either from

edible Chinese drugs alone, or from Chinese crude drugs and food according to certain prescriptions, by processing and cooking. In light of its form and process,

medicated diet can be divided into eleven kinds.
Fresh juice It is the juice extracted from edible Chinese drugs alone, such as fresh fruits, or together with some fresh, clean-washed Chinese crude drugs. For

example, Five-Juice Drink is made from the juices of water chestnut (Bulbus Heleochaffs Tuberosae), fresh reed rhizome (Rhizoma Phragmitis), fresh lotus root

(Rhizoma Nelumbinis), pear (Malum Piri) and fresh lilyturf root (Radix Ophiopogonis).
Medicated tea, also known as "Daichayin" (infusion drunk instead of tea) It is the coarsely mixed powder of drugs with tea or with no tea (some soft prepared

herbal medicine in small pieces for decoction can also be used without being pounded). Edible Chinese drugs such as fruits and vegetables are often used as

ingredients of medicated tea, while drastic or extremely bitter crude drugs are usually not used. It is to be taken frequently as common tea after being infused in

boiling water or decocted in water. Ginger and Sugar Tea, for instance, which is used to treat wind-cold type of common cold, is made from fresh ginger (Rhizoma

Zingerberis Recens) and brown sugar.
Drink It is a liquid dose for dietetic therapy, which is prepared usually by decocting in water for a while edible Chinese drugs alone, or along with some crude

drugs, and by sifting the extract from the dregs. It is to be taken as a drink. Composite Corn Stigma Drink, for example, is such a drink, which is used to treat

ascites due to cirrhosis.
Medicated wine It is a liquid dose made by combining wine with Chinese drugs. It can be made by either infusing or brewing. The medicaments used are usually

chosen from edible Chinese drugs too. For example, Spirit of Ginseng, Gecko and Cordyceps (Shen Ge Chongcao Fiu) is of this kind, which is used to treat

bronchial asthma at remission stage.
Decoction It is the liquid prepared by decocting together edible Chinese drugs, crude drugs and solvent (usually water, sometimes wine or honey is used), that is,

the decoction of medicated diet. For example, Decoction of Chinese Angelica Root, Fresh Ginger and Mutton recorded in Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous

Diseases is of this kind.
Medicated gruel It is a kind of gruel prepared by cooking together drugs, or decoctions, and rice, which is curative or has the function for health care. If edible

Chinese drugs, such as lily bulb (Bulbus Lilii), Job's-tears seed (Semen Coicis), longan aril (Arillus Longan), red bean (Semen Phaseoli), white hyacinth bean (Semen

Dolichoris Album) and Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Fujubae), are used, they can be washed clean and cooked together with rice; if other crude drugs are used,

first decoct them in water, sift the liquid from the dregs, then make gruel with the liquid and rice. The gruel can also be prepared by first adding drug powder or

decoction to almost done gruel; then cooking it for a few seconds more. In this book or other monographs on medicated diet, medicated gruel makes up a great

Honey extract Honey extract, also known as soft extract or decoction extract, is a thick half-liquid dose prepared by first decocting in water edible Chinese drugs or

crude drugs and sifting the liquid from the dregs; then, after enriching the liquid, mixing in honey or sucrose. Take Flavoured Extract of Fritillary Bulb and Pear. It is

applicable to patients with bronchial asthma.
Medicated cake It is a cooked food prepared by first grinding edible Chinese drugs into powder which are salutary or have the function for health care, or grinding

them together with relevant crude drugs; then mixing the powder with rice flour, or wheat flour, or bean flour, or a right amount of white sugar, cooking oil and

finally making cakes with the mixture by either steaming or baking. Take Eight-Ingredient Cake for example. It can be used to treat chronic enteritis.
Medicated pancake It is a kind of cooked food prepared by first grinding together curative edible Chinese drugs with the function for health care and relevant

medicaments into powder; then mixing the powder with wheat flour, or rice flour, or bean flour, or a right amount of jujube paste, white sugar, cooking oil, etc.;

and finally making pancakes with the mixture by steaming, baking in a pan or in an oven, or frying. Pancake Warming the Middle-jiao and Strengthening the

Stomach, for instance, can be taken by patients suffering from chronic gastritis of cold of insufficiency type or pepticulcer.
 Cooked dishes This is a large group of medicated diet, including varieties of meat and vegetable dishes which are curative and can be used for health care. It is

prepared by cooking chicken, or duck, or fish, or vegetable, etc. along with
drugs and condiments. It can be cooked in many ways: stewed, braised, simmered, steamed, boiled, cooked in water, stir-fried, roasted, fricassed, deep-fried and so

on. For example, Baby Pigeon Stewed with Ginseng, Astragalus Root and Cordyceps can be used to treat bronchial asthma at remission stage; and Turtle Stewed

with Chinese Angelica Root and Wolf berry Fruit can be used to treat early cirrhosis.
Miscellanies In addition to all those listed above, there are many others, such as cooked cereals, thick soup, Huoji, Boto (a kind of cooked wheaten food), dumpling

soup, Guan Ou Fi, sweets and so on. Unfortunately, they will not be dealt with one by one in this book.

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