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Dietary treatment of vitiligo

Updated: Monday, Apr 14,2014, 9:12:34 PM
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Vitiligo therapeutic side : The following therapeutic side with vitiligo can be treated with a certain role of adjuvant therapy for reference purposes only .

Fig leaf

Take ripe fresh figs , a day of fasting to eat three ; Another fresh fig leaves 100 grams , decoction, concentrated to 30 ml . Vitiligo rubbed with cotton balls dipped at the same time in the sun for 10 to 20 minutes.

Soviet scientists isolated from fig leaves out a photosensitive material , can produce pigment in the skin under ultraviolet light , and thus play a role in the treatment of vitiligo . Moraceae plant fig fig fruit. Its juice containing trace elements copper and anticancer ingredients.

Sulfur tofu

With sulfur 2 g research into a very fine powder , mixed with tofu catty , and once before going to sleep after eating . Ate two weeks .

Sulfur, natural sulfur ore , do not use sulfur purification . There yang laxative , detoxifies the role . And eat tofu with its anti- lit , tofu contains protein , amino acids , vitamins, nutritious skin effect . Before eating to pay attention to the issue of individual differences , preferably the treatment of vitiligo while under the guidance of a doctor to consult your doctor for individuals , in order to avoid serious side effects.

White kidney soup

With black sesame seeds , complanatus , Tribulus terrestris , Ligustrum lucidum 15 grams, raspberry , wolfberry fruit, foxglove root, white peony root 10 grams , decoction to the residue , the filtrate , when the beverage drinking, one day , even drink three months. The party has kidney to promote the role of melanin . According to TCM ldquo; black is a kidney rdquo; theory has been confirmed by kidney law effective treatment of vitiligo . Especially in daily life such as eating black sesame more melanin-containing foods , can effectively assist in the treatment of vitiligo , so as to achieve better therapeutic effect.

Psoralen wine

With psoralen 60 grams soak into 500 ml white wine , soak 5 to 7 days . Morning and evening empty stomach to drink wine 15 ml psoralen . Another 30 g with psoralen was added 100 ml of 75% ethanol , and soaked for 5 to 7 days, double gauze filtration , the filtrate was dark brown . Boil the filtrate was concentrated to 30 ml . Paint coated with concentrated alcohol psoralen vitiligo place, the sun 10 to 20 minutes , once a day , once every two weeks or more.

Psoralen are Chinese medicine kidney yang . Containing coumarin derivatives, a photosensitive , oral or treated skin by sunlight or ultraviolet radiation , can contribute to local skin pigmentation newborn .

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