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Dietary treatment of pneumonia

Updated: Wednesday, Feb 24,2010, 4:24:48 PM
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Pneumonia is the winter and spring of the common and frequently-occurring disease. After the illness, with the exception of drug treatment, diet therapy rehabilitation for patients is equally important.

The purpose of diet therapy

The purpose of pneumonia in patients with diet therapy is to increase the body's resistance, to prevent disease progression. Patients because of high fever, severe physical exertion, so the patient must supply adequate nutrition, especially in heat and high quality protein to supplement the body's consumption. High-quality protein can choose milk, eggs, soy products, lean meat and so on, total 50 ~ 60g per day is appropriate. Fat should be appropriately restricted. Acid-base imbalances are common symptoms of pneumonia, should eat more fresh vegetables or fruit to supplement the minerals, will help to correct water and electrolyte imbalance. Can also be given to iron-rich foods, such as animal organs, egg yolk, etc.; copper-rich foods, such as animal liver, sesame, etc.; also be given dried small shrimps, dairy and other high calcium foods.
In different periods of the therapeutic method

Heating period should be to light the semi-liquid diet is better.
When the patients with hypoxia, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal paralysis, or even gastrointestinal bleeding, they should abstain from hard and high-fiber food and raw onions, garlic, onions and other spicy food, so as not to aggravate disease. Eat with the role of fruit Qingrezhike phlegm, such as pears, oranges and so on. It should also ensure adequate water supply to prevent increased symptoms of poisoning.

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