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Diet and health care

Updated: Thursday, Mar 25,2010, 9:37:31 AM
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    Ingesting food should be unhurried, moderate, careful in chewing and slow in swallowing. Doing so is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food, and the protection of the intestine and stomach. When people ingest food, listening to light and lively music is advantageous to improving appetite and enhancing digestive function. People can perform the following nursing activities after ingesting food.
 Abdominal massage after meals
     Massaging the abdomen clockwise for 20 to 30 times continuously is beneficial to abdominal blood circulation, the promotion of gastrointestional digestive functions as well as general health.

 Rinsing the mouth after meals
    Rinsing the mouth can make the oral cavity remain clean, teeth firm and prevent diseases such as foul breath and caries.

 Taking a walk after meals
    "Taking a hundred-step walk after meals can make one live to 99." Taking a walk helps enterogastric peristalsis and promotes digestion and absorption. Besides, taking a walk while massaging the abdomen has better effects.

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