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Chronic pharyngitis Diet therapy

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 10:24:46 AM
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In recent years, chronic pharyngitis has become one of the common diseases frequently-occurring disease, not only the elderly prone, young people also increased the incidence trend. Most chronic pharyngitis due to repeated episodes of acute pharyngitis results. In addition, various rhinopathy and respiratory tract of chronic inflammation, long-term mouth breathing and repeated inflammatory stimulation pharyngeal secretions, as well as excessive alcohol and tobacco, travel fatigue, air pollution, hazardous gases stimulation, allergies, or systemic chronic diseases, the body resistance down and so on, can be triggered. Qiumodongchu abrupt climate change, air dry season is the high incidence of this disease, so they should pay special attention to prevention, the following diet before trial.

Sydney, 10 grams of almonds almond soup, pear 1, 30 grams of crystal sugar. Slashing first pear-core, cut into small pieces, and almonds, crystal sugar bowl a total of home, plus adequate water, put the pot and steam for one hour can be fresh or stewed pear soup a day 1.

Sang Ju 10 grams almond tea mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum 10 grams, 10 grams of almonds, crystal sugar amount. After the crushed almonds, and mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, rock sugar co-location vacuum flask, add boiling water, brewing, cover the lid nausea after 15 minutes, you can when the tea drinking, while drinking water plus side, every day one.

Loofah loofah flower nectar tea, fresh 20 g (dry, 10 grams), honey, 20 grams. Rinse the sponge gourd flowers torn small pieces and put it into the cup with lid, add the amount of boiling water, brew, cover the lid boring 15 minutes, add honey and stir-oriented, you can still hot ton-containing drinks, or when the tea service frequently, every 1 ~ 2 days.

Pairs of root Banlangen the sea to drink 15 grams, tonkinensis 10 grams, 10 grams of hay, Sterculia lychnophora 5 grams. Thermos flask on the drug were set in brewing with boiling water, cover the lid can be boring after 20 minutes when the tea and drink frequently, but also, after boiling water and pour slowly thermos for drinking, one day.

Mint duck soup duck a ~ 2, 30 grams of fresh mint, salt, monosodium glutamate appropriate, first casserole to add appropriate amount of water into the duck, after Shao Fei, cook until half-cooked when placed in fresh mint, salt, monosodium glutamate , cook for a moment that can be eaten once a day, and even serving for 7 days.

30 grams of mung bean mung bean porridge lily, lily 20 grams, 60 grams of japonica rice. The Sammi panning were used to clean water clean, and let the pot simmer slowly added amount of water, boil, boil rice porridge cooked rotten, plus amount of crystal sugar can be eaten every day a time, and even clothes for several days.

Verbena Verbena fresh mung bean drink 50 grams of honey, green beans 30 grams, 30 grams of honey. Wash Drain the green beans, fresh verbena uprooted Wash Line beaten up two small bundles, put together with the mung bean pot, add water 1500 milliliters stew low heat 1 hour, until green beans from the fire, when Su Lan, winners go to Verbena Serve hot with honey can be Yintang mixing of fresh beans, 1 day, 2 times, clothes, and even served a few days.

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