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Best suited smokers eat food

Updated: Thursday, Feb 20,2014, 9:28:43 PM
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Best suited smokers eat food

1 , mushrooms - mushrooms containing amino acids in the protein up to 18 species, also contains a variety of vitamins . Mushroom polysaccharide component can make a person immune cells in vivo anticancer activity increased , the cap section also contains double-stranded RNA structure , will produce anti-cancer effect of interferon into the human body .

2 , white fungus - rich in selenium and other trace elements, can improve the liver's ability to detoxify , protect the liver function, enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity.

3 tomatoes - lycopene in tomatoes is a good material for the cardiovascular protective effect , is a strong antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals , protecting cells , enhance immunity, prevent cancer process and can reduce heart attacks .

4 , white radish - heat fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding , stomach and digestion , phlegm heat . If you want to quit , you can put shredded radish , according to personal taste mixed with salt or sugar , as a snack , have a supporting role for smoking cessation .

5 , Lily - a good cough , moistening heat effect , can improve lung function.

6 , Apple - it contains pectin detoxification function. Eat apples can improve lung function and respiratory system .

7 , kelp - cough, asthma , protect the gastrointestinal mucosa, anticoagulant , anti-tumor, anti- radiation , but also enhance myocardial contractility, has a strong heart .

8 carrots - carotene and higher levels of VE can provide some protection for the lungs of smokers in the blood and the lungs slowly degraded .

9 , cauliflower - with VC are more and more valuable is that it contains a variety of indole derivatives , aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity can increase the liver, enhance the ability to break down carcinogenic qualities .

10 , heterophylla - can enhance the body 's defense against a variety of harmful stimuli capacity and enhance the body's metabolism , and have some anti- anoxia , anti-aging effects . The damage caused by smoking with a strong protective effect . The most convenient way is to take ground into flour, water to drink 1 to 3 grams per day.

Smokers can usually do some lung, lungs, Nourishing soup porridge to reduce lung injury , the following are several clear lung soup , you can choose according to their own circumstances .

Diet principles :

1 , vitamin supplements to enhance immune function

Some of the compounds in the flue gas , can make vitamin A, active B, C, E , etc. is greatly reduced , and to obtain a large body of the consumption of these vitamins . Therefore , smokers should regularly eat foods rich in these vitamins , such as milk , carrots , peanuts, corn , bean sprouts , cabbage , vegetable oil , so can vitamin deficiency caused by smoking , but also enhance the body's own immune function.

2 , often more tea , increase gastric motility and reduce blood , urine

Because some of the compounds contained in the flue gas can result in thickening of the arterial intima , reducing significantly increased gastric acid secretion and blood embolism , while the tea catechins in the specific effective to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the vascular wall and increase gastric motility and reduce blood , urine , etc. Smokers should often more tea to reduce smoking onset of these disorders brought ; while tea is a diuretic , detoxifying , but also to some of the toxic smoke excreted in the urine , to reduce the residence time in the body .

3 , eat more foods containing selenium anti-cancer

Regular smokers easily lead to low blood levels of selenium , a trace element selenium is anti-cancer indispensable . Therefore , smokers should always eat some selenium-rich foods , such as animal liver, seaweed and shrimp and so on.

4 , β- carotene -containing alkaline foods effectively suppress cravings

β- carotene is more beneficial for smokers , β- carotene -rich alkaline foods can effectively inhibit smokers cravings, have a role in reducing the amount of smoking and smoking cessation . Β- carotene -rich foods are carrots, spinach, pea sprouts , alfalfa, pepper , smokers may be appropriate to eat .

5 , less fat , eat milk , fish, soy products

Because smoking can make blood vessels to increase the amount of cholesterol and fat deposits , reducing blood flow to the brain , prone to cause brain atrophy, accelerated brain aging. Therefore , smokers should eat less fat in the diet containing saturated fatty acids , etc. , but should add some to reduce or inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol foods , such as milk , fish , soy products and some high- fiber foods, such as chili powder, cinnamon and fruit and vegetables.

6 , smokers may be appropriate to add iron-rich foods , such as animal liver, meat , seaweed , beans .

Recommended recipes :

Garlic Broccoli

Ingredients: broccoli, garlic , salt, chicken ;


1 , broccoli knife into small pieces ;

2 , the pot of water boiling , add salt to taste , a few drops of oil, after a few minutes , remove the broccoli boiled water ;

3 , put the oil in the frying pan , till 5 into heat, saute garlic , broccoli stir fry a few under , can be thrown into the chicken pot .

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