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5 kinds of food that are not suitable for children

Updated: Monday, Aug 31,2015, 4:31:50 PM
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1, honey

Constipation in children and elders at home may prepare honey water to relieve symptoms, however, doing so may cause he infected with Clostridium botulinum, easy to cause the baby muscle paralysis, vomiting, confusion and other conditions.

2, propolis

Although propolis is used in the market to enhance immunity and protect the organs of health food, but the production process of Propolis may contain alcohol or with botulinum and other substances, and therefore not suitable for children under two years of age.

3, food additives, preservatives, the phosphate pigment etc..

These is widely used in the processing of meat and meat products, canned food, drinks and other food to affect calcium absorption, will cause the burden of metabolic organ, also will increase the chance of allergies.

4, low nutrient density of drink

Commercially available sugary drinks, tea, flavored syrup, containing caffeine beverages and soft drinks containing, in addition to too much sugar, cause vitamin consumption, but also lead to a baby into body fat easily.

5, texture is not suitable for food

Like the excellent food or shape easy to choke on the nuts, whole grain, raisins, corn kernels, peas Jen, pink circle and so on, meat, fish bones and small spines in the supply to carefully removed. Texture sticky glutinous rice products, easy to choke the Mochi and rice, or a variety of pickled products etc..

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