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treatment of infertility acupuncture

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 29,2009, 4:48:52 PM
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About 3000 years ago, most people treated with traditional Chinese medicine than any other medical procedure in the history of the world. Of acupuncture and Chinese herbs that make up the discipline that brings the body and mind are in an interactive environment, and that only by addressing the many elements as a single energy system, we can achieve  balance and health.  The goal of the design and development of a healthy pregnancy should be based on optimum health and balance of energy.

In infertility treatment, acupuncture is a valuable tool. A fine sterile needles inserted into specific acupuncture points to balance work through the meridian system and the harmonization of energy to recover from the outside, so that internal organs (uterus, liver, kidney, etc.) and their ability original design and pregnancy.

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