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What is Cupping Therapy

Updated: Monday, May 04,2009, 4:13:59 PM
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Cupping therapy is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diseases, such therapy can be Qushi by cold, clear the meridians, eliminate stasis, qi and promoting blood circulation, relieve pain, diarrhea Sida heat, with the body's yin and yang balance adjustment , the lifting of fatigue, enhance physical function, so as to achieve uphold, the purpose of curing disease. Therefore, many diseases can be treated using cupping.


     Cupping therapy tools - cans, there are many kinds of glass, ceramic pots, bamboo cans, cans, such as rubber, and even bottles of home canned food can also be used for cupping. Clinical use of a larger glass, ceramic pots, bamboo tank. Cans and rubber used in the family's more, because it is easy to use, regardless of whether you understand the medical, very easy to grasp, understand where the pain for as long as where you can pull. However, it does not use fire, a less important effect will be less, so hospitals do not have this. Smooth transparent glass can be observed through the glass tank skin hyperemia, bleeding, blistering, and bleeding such as bleeding at the time, so the most clinical use.


     Cupping therapy using another tool - is the probe, or the torch. Coarse part of the lead wire can be used, like a bent circle, easy to hand hold, and the other heads of cotton and gauze wraps to dip alcohol ignition.


     Cupping many ways, there are four: cupping, flash pots, go cans, blood cupping.


     Cupping is the simplest and most fundamental way. General with a hand-held cans, the other hand has been on fire at the probe, the probe will fire in the tank a few Huang Huang, the withdrawal will be quickly on the tank to the treatment site, and then gently pulling a hand Stubbs jar to see if gnaw on. Cupping should be NOTE: Do not probe the alcohol I put in the jar, not to probe the alcohol onto the patient's skin, or else the patient will be scalded.


     Flash tank is to pull on the jar has been quickly removed, and then out, then removed, repeatedly. Cans Act flash cards are used cold, or muscle atrophy, or need to focus on stimulating the acupuncture points. Flash tank should pay attention to: repeated flash jar out, the jar itself is also rapidly increasing the temperature and should be available in a number of jar, alternate use, to prevent skin burns.


     Cupping refers to the jar after Stubbs, with one hand or two hands to seize the jar, put a little on, push and pull the skin of the patient tank move. Can move in one direction, you can move back and forth. So, instead of taking the role of tanks in a Point, but the role of a number of points, in part or section of the meridian. Such as the back of the bladder by means of the site can always go. Attention should be paid to take the cans: cans before going to the site want to take the cans or jars I applied some lubricant, such as glycerin, paraffin oil, scrape oil to prevent skin injury when taking cans. Take cans, commonly used for back pain, cold, dizziness, colds, etc..


     Cupping refers to bleeding in selected points, or abscess, the use of "san ling zheng" bar on a few needles, and cupping in the above. The body's blood, blood flow along the eye of a needle. Caution should be taken when bleeding Cupping: from cans to do a good job after disinfection. This is generally used to heat, heat-toxin-induced diseases.


     Cupping position often taken by: supine, prone, sitting and so on.


     Contraindication cupping therapy: heart disease, blood diseases, skin diseases and skin injuries, mental illness or nervous people, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, a variety of fractures, extreme weakness, fatigue, pregnant women, women's menstrual period, over-fed too hungry, too thirsty, drink, etc., should be used with caution or disable cupping therapy.


     Cupping should pay attention to:


     1. Warm. Cupping both to undress before the treatment, so treatment should be to avoid the wind blowing straight to prevent the cold, keep the indoor temperature.


     2. To avoid scalding. Alcohol should not be burning the patient's body fell, overheated jar replacement ground.


     3. Should not be out of position: the heart before the area, the skin delicate, the skin damage, the skin scar, the nipple, and bone were not prominent cupping Department.


     4. The same site can not be out every day. Cupping the old mark in the not dissipated before cupping can not.


     5. Cupping patients should closely monitor the patient's condition and, if halo cans, etc., should be dealt with promptly.

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