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The role of moxibustion

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 3:04:25 PM
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 The role of moxibustion
     Sum up the practical experience of ages, moxibustion mainly for the following role.
     1. Warm through the cold-dispelling the body's normal life activity depends on the role of qi and blood, gas lines are the blood lines, gas and only then the blood only, blood gas in the meridians in the popularity is due entirely to "qi" push. A variety of reasons, such as "cold while gas revenues, heat the gas disease", etc., can affect the prevalence of blood gas and change health riddled. The temperature of the blood slippery and cold air while the blood astringent, that is, the operation of a case of warm blood is dispersed, Yuhan the coagulation characteristics. Therefore, Zhu Dan-xi said: "Blood will see the hot-line, see the cold while condensate."

     Therefore, any of all gas hemagglutinin Shibuya, there is no fever like illness, temperature and gas are available methods for treatment. "Lingshu thorn section really evil" chapter said: "The veins of the blood coagulation and stay only, Dover Fire tune, taken from Vernon." "Lingshu Ban convinced" Yiyun: "DEPRESSION who knot on the pulse of blood, blood cold, so should moxibustion of." Moxibustion is the application of the thermal stimulation, played by Winn Tongbi role. Through thermal moxibustion on the meridian points of the thermal stimulation, you can warm through the cold-dispelling, strengthening the body's blood run, to achieve the purpose of clinical treatment. So, moxibustion can be used for the blood run cold poor, Liu Zhi Ning Shibuya caused Arthralgia, diarrhea and other diseases, the effect is very significant.

     2. Qi meridians found in the human body Meridian ministries and organs within the United outer fabric surface muscles, bones and so on. A normal body, blood flow in the meridians in the weeks and persistent, progressive operation, if due to wind, cold, summer heat, wet, dry, fire and other external causes of the attack, the human body or local blood stagnate, Meridian blocked, there can be pain, swelling and other symptoms and a range of dysfunction, this time, moxibustion certain amount of points, you can serve to reconcile qi and blood, dredge meridians and balance the function of the role of clinical practice can be used for sore boils swelling, frostbite, Dysuria, infertility, twisting contusion, etc., especially in surgery, traumatology used more often.

     3. Fu-Yang Lai Yang gas-solid off life as a fundamental, value for money then the Life, which is losing its people die prematurely, so disease is Yin Sheng Yang, Yin Sheng was cold, for Jue, or Yuan Qi collapse, pulse micro want off, when this time, as the "Su Wen Jue theory" that says: "yang decline in the next, for the Hanjue." Decline is independent chi-sheng yang, yang unreasonable in the hand, foot, hand, foot and reverse the cold. Where the great dying disease, decline yang, yin and yang from the decision embolism, with large heavy cone moxibustion, can dispel chill, back off to save Yang. This is the other point of less stimulation.

     Song "acupuncture-funded students who" also referred to: "Where the drownings, night can still be saved, solution of the dead, clothing, moxibustion navel of the living." "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" states: "Shao disease Tuli, hands and feet against the cold ... ... clock is not to persons, 7 moxibustion Shao Zhuang." "Under the benefit, hand, foot Jueleng, irritability, moxibustion Jue Yin, no pulse who moxibustion's." Note where the symptoms of vomiting and lower profit, hand-foot Jueleng, weak pulse, etc. yang collapse of critically ill patients, such as heavy with big moxa cone moxibustion Guan Yuan, God Que and other points, due to the nature of Artemsia argyi have Chun-yang, plus get angry in this is a yang, 2 Yang Xiang De, often can play solid de-Fu Yang, Hui Yang rescue inverse, to save the dying of the disease role in the clinical syndrome commonly used in the de-stroke, acute abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, dysentery and other emergency first aid.

     4. Sun did not cite depression as weak yang solid and other reasons may be addressed under the virtual real, Qi subsidence, there prolapse, Yin Ting, a long time to vent Jiu Li, uterine bleeding, Habitual Abortion, etc., "Lingshu meridians" chapter Cloud : "DEPRESSION is moxibustion's", so Qi subsidence, Multi-organ prolapse of the disease moxibustion. With regard to trap the next disease, the spleen and stomach theory of founder Li Dongyuan also that "those who stuck under the skins are not any cold", "between heaven and earth without him, only just the two of yin and yang, yang on the outside, overcast, including the following, this person made subsidence , yang chi into being, is the home of its previous anti-Yin Yang undone his pulse card Ju see out who is the moxibustion. "

     Therefore, moxibustion can not only play a Yiqiwenyang, Sun Ju collapse, preventing miscarriage and other solid through the effect on the Wei-yang is not solid, Cou Li loose who also results. To make the body function back to normal. As prolapse, Yin Ting, a long time to vent and other diseases that can be used to upgrade Moxibustion Baihui yang in order to "push and on the", and if the "category by the diagram Wings" goes: "Dong Xie cold in the prolapse of persons, moxibustion Zhuang Water 100 . " In short, this is one of the unique role of moxibustion.

     5. Sida Xiere ages, many physicians proposed ban on moxibustion for heat syndrome, such as "San Franciscans overall record," states: "Ruofu Yang moxibustion of disease, was took an unusual move"; modern materials have also a lot of acupuncture and moxibustion heat syndrome as the cut-out of moxibustion. But the ancient and modern physicians have different views on this. In ancient literature there are "hot moxibustion can be used," the record, moxibustion treatment of ulcer, it first appeared in the "Yellow Emperor", ancient medical books were the moxibustion, as this disease is an important governing law permits.

     Tang, "Preparation of emergency Qian Jin Yao Fang" further pointed out that the organs of Moxibustion on the role of excess heat, there is catharsis, the book is also quite a number of toxic Accumulation of heat-induced ulcer and Yin certificate moxibustion heat are discussed, such as those contained : "hot-filled small intestine, moxibustion were overcast, with the years of Zhuang," such as "appendicitis bent elbows are sharp elbow bone moxibustion all 100 Zhuang, the next sepsis, that is bad." "Diabetes, dry mouth can not be ninja, moxibustion small intestine 100 Yu Zhuang, Wang's three-inch moxibustion."

     Jin Zhu Danxi Doctors believe that moxibustion is to use heat syndrome "from the government," meaning; "Introduction to Medicine" is to clarify the mechanism of fever with moxibustion: "Hot moxibustion of those who, as quoted in Yu heat of the gas outward, the fire dry the meaning also" . "Yi Zong Jin Jian ulcer moxibustion chapter," pointed out: "early ulcer within seven days, open the most suitable knot Sida moxibustion, moxibustion without pain to the pain side only, sore pain to no pain when moxibustion." In short, moxibustion can be cited with hot hot, so hot out. Moxibustion can be cold-dispelling, but also heat, suggesting that the functional state of the body from the original two-way regulatory role. Especially with moxibustion increased and the clinical expansion of the scope of this role increasingly recognized.

     6. Prevent and care home in ancient Chinese medicine have long recognized the importance of disease prevention, and proposed the "disease prevention in the first place," "treating disease," the academic ideas, while the therapeutic effect of moxibustion in addition, there are prevention of The role of disease and health care, disease prevention and health care is one of the ways, which in ancient literature, there are many documented. As early as in the "Yellow Emperor" mentions; in the "Dog of the Office of the Nie moxibustion 3 Zhuang, that is, moxibustion of dog injury law" in order to prevent rabies.


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