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Moxibustion treatment of hypertension wonders

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 3:22:48 PM
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Moxibustion points: Yongquan.

Location: About when the plantar anterior and middle 1 / 3 of the intersection. When the first metatarsophalangeal joint later at 2,3. The cave temperature and moxibustion are back to save the inverse of the role of Yang, modern medical research, moxa Yongquan, for warming-blood, promoting blood circulation of much help.

Method: every night before bed, the patient sits flat feet later, moxibustion of each one, cut into two, lit by another alignment points, two points about one times a day until the end moxibustion, do not burn. 7 days for a course of treatment, rest two days later, and then a second course of treatment, may be even moxibustion 3 to 5 courses.

Role: Yongquan at foot, the lowest ranking person, moxibustion may be cited the heat down to reconcile yin and yang, so that blood pressure tended to be normal.

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