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Moxibustion from time to tome what considerations?

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 16,2014, 8:29:12 PM
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Often say that moxibustion can removing sun be the spirit, but also can cure chronic disease, the 75 - year - old grandma had also often buy moxa fumigation at home, but she don't know what should pay attention to matters of moxibustion. Moxa roll moxibustion and moxibustion. There are detailed in huangdi neijing, due to its high safety, can preserve one's health care, and spread wide, in ancient China is a major means for the treatment of disease. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the moxibustion have explored tonifying qi, warm the t2dm, eliminating stasis fights, fill in beneficial role, can be widely used in medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery diseases, especially for mastitis, prostatitis, periarthritis of shoulder, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical vertebra disease, diabetes and other special effects.

Every year the summer solstice, when the moxibustion for some chronic diseases such as gastroenteritis, old product, sores, furuncle, especially pediatric diarrhea effect is good. This is because, summer sun be the spirit exuberant human body, particularly strong penetrating power, the fire has get twice the result with half the effort effect.

Jiu shi to consumption in the process of some nutrients, so pay attention to the taboo:
1. All exposed areas such as face, don't direct moxibustion, to prevent scarring.
2. Less thin skin, muscle, gathered brawn, the pregnancy women of lumbar di ministry, lower abdomen, male and female nipples, pussy, testicular don't shi jiu, joints don't direct moxibustion, large blood vessels, heart don't moxibustion.
3. Extreme fatigue, hunger and satiety, drunk, sweat, mood swings, or female menstrual period avoid moxibustion.
4. During certain infectious diseases, high fever, coma, convulsions, or extreme exhaustion, thin body bone instant case avoid moxibustion.
5. No self-control ability such as mental patients avoid moxibustion.

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