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Is the AIDS epidemic through acupuncture?

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 4:45:53 PM
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Some people believe that acupuncture is also very easy to infect the human body, so it is very afraid even refused to use this treatment. In fact, such concerns are not necessary. Because acupuncture has no side effect, it will not be infected with AIDS. As long as the virus is transmitted, it can be avoided.

Now the acupuncture needle is a lot of individual packaging, is a one-time use. If not one-off needles, doctors in use also attaches great importance to the disinfection treatment, such as the use of efficient disinfectant liquid, or cooking at high temperature etc.. These measures will greatly reduce the probability of cross infection.

In fact, as long as the virus is not the needle into your body, in general, will not be infected, the virus was exposed to the air in the dead. And. Acupuncture needles if not disposable. Disinfection before use.

Acupuncture is an invasive treatment method, repeated use will cause the bacteria to spread, cause cross infection, disinfection process and can not ensure the safety of 100%. Despite the current lack of domestic for acupuncture transmitted disease statistics, but some foreign related data show that, HBV, HCV, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, such as can be spread by acupuncture.

In general, as long as the strict disinfection, do not repeat the use of needles, generally will not cause the spread of germs, causing cross infection, this situation, the AIDS is not transmitted through acupuncture.

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